How To Return To The iPhone Home Screen Hands-Free

How to command Siri to open the Home screen

How to command Siri to open the Home screen.

Not sure if this will help you or not, but we’ve recently discovered that Siri is now able to open the Home Screen for you. This is useful when you need to get back to the main iOS screen without using your hands. Of course that the feature works hand-in-hand with the “Hey Siri” feature. This setting allows you to wake your iPhone’s virtual assistant via voice command.

“Hey Siri” can be enabled from the Settings app. Browse for Siri & Search and make sure that Listen for “Hey Siri” is active. An extra tip, allows you to make your iPhone even more receptive for this voice command. You can allow it to listen for “Hey Siri” even when your device is facing down or is covered. This can be enabled in Settings -> Accessibility -> Siri. Enable Always Listen for “Hey Siri”!

How To Return To The iPhone Home-Screen Hands-Free
how to go to the iPhone Home screen with Siri 1. Summon Siri by speaking out “Hey Siri”.
2. Command any of the following:
– “Open Home screen”
– “Go to Home screen”
– “Home Screen”

Tip: You can do it all in a single step by speaking out: Hey Siri, open Home screen. / Hey Siri, go to Home screen. / Hey Siri, Home screen.
Fact: If you own a Face ID compatible iPhone and the device is next to you on the stand. You can access the Home screen, without touching the smartphone. As soon as you use the above mentioned “Hey Siri” command the iPhone wakes up, scans your face and brings up the Home screen.

how to enable always listen for Hey SiriCompatibility: This Siri command has been introduced alongside iOS 13.4. This means that you need to upgrade to the latest iOS version to be able to have your virtual assistant commute to the Home screen. Else it will reply to you with the command that you need to make in order to reach the Home screen. For iPhone with a Home button you’re asked to press it to bring up the screen. iPhone X owners and newer are informed that they have to “swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get home.”

Will you be using this new Siri voice command? When do you think that it might be useful? Let us know in the comments section available below!

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