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Tag: Background

ios 11 background app refresh options

iOS 11 Brings New Background App Refresh Option

The 11th iOS generation is packed with changes and new features. After reviewing the most important ones like revamped Control Center, redesigned App Store app, unified Notifications, Screen Recording and many others it’s time to also look at the smaller changes, that are very important too. One of them is the addition of a new…

iphone playing youtube video in the background

How To Listen To Youtube Videos In The Background In iOS 11

Even if it sounds simple and it actually is a piece of cake in terms of software availability, playing Youtube videos in the background of your iPhone and iPad is nowadays more difficult than ever. Apple has taken care of patching the trick that allowed us to play Youtube music in the background with the…

spotify iphone battery usage stats

Turn Off Spotify Background App Refresh Feature To Significantly Save iPhone Battery

Prolonging the iPhone’s battery uptime is still a goal for most of us. With the huge amount of hours spent on the smartphone nowadays, battery lasting time is still a top priority. The easiest way to increase the iPhone’s durability in terms of power is by analyzing the main consumers. This info is available within…

Playing Youtube song in the background on iPhone.

How To Play Youtube Videos In The Background While You Multitask On Your iPhone

Have you ever tried to play a music compilation from Youtube, on your iPhone, and press the Home button to open another application, only to find out that playback stops as soon as you leave the Youtube app? That’s annoying isn’t it? The same happens if you press the Sleep/Wake button to Lock your iOS…