How To Redeem App Store Coupon Code

redeem app store coupon code

Redeem App Store Coupon Code!

If you’re the happy owner of an App Store coupon code or gift card, you’re only a few taps away from redeeming it. Read on and learn how to grab freebies from the Apple’s software market. Test drive paid apps and games without having to use a credit card.

Developers often use the App Store voucher system to provide free copies of their apps. These are usually offered when a new application is launched and seller wish to rapidly obtain reviews and shares for their new releases.

Gift cards are also available for online purchase. The giftee can redeem them on an iPhone or iPad and use the unlocked cash to shop the App Store and enrich the app collection of your iOS device.

app store redeem buttonHow To Redeem Coupons & Gift Cards
To use your App Store voucher, open the market and make sure that you are on the Featured page. Scroll all the way down until you reach the Redeem button. Press it to insert your code.
The discount string can be either manually typed, or copied and pasted from the email or the web page, the channels that you used for receiving it.
But before entering the code, insert your iTunes Store password. Next, provide the 12-character string and tap Redeem.

app store download code App Store checks your code and automatically starts the app download if your coupon was a freebie, or credits your balance with the appropriate gift card value.

How To Purchase Gift Cards
If you wish to be the one that makes an iOS user happy, you can purchase an iTunes Store gift card online and provide your loved ones the option to purchase $25, $50 or $100 worth of apps, games, music or books.

Tip: App Store freebies are usually shared on social media websites and specific Apple discussion forums. You can also visit iOS developer websites and check if new releases are due. Contact them and volunteer for testing. Most will accept your request and offer a free download code. If you like the tested game or find the app useful, don’t forget to rate it as a thank you token for the free coupon.