How To Remove Stickers From Keyboard On iPhone In iOS 17

stickers on iphone ios 17 feature

Stickers on iPhone iOS 17 feature

You’re not a fan of stickers and are annoyed about the persisting notification that shows up on iPhone? It takes up a significant amount of space in the Frequently Used Emoji section? Yes, you can remove stickers from keyboard in iOS 17!

iOS 17 Stickers Notification

stickers notification ios 17
Apple aims to encourage users to use stickers, by displaying a notification in the Frequently Used section of the Emoji keyboard. In fact, the notification is taking up half of the Emoji keyboard real estate.

It’s labeled Stickers and informs you that you can “Send stickers you make from photos, emoji, or your very own Memoji.”

The Show Stickers option is available if you want to start right away!

How To Remove Stickers From Keyboard On iPhone

However, there are plenty users that don’t fancy sticker and want to get rid of the notification. If you are amongst them apply the following steps:
how to remove stickers ios 17 settings

  • 1. Open Settings on your iOS device.
  • 2. Go for General -> Keyboard.
  • 3. Disable the switch next to Stickers.

Are you using the iOS 17 stickers feature? Share your feedback in the comments!

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