How To Use The New iOS 13 QuickPath Slide To Type Keyboard

ios 13 slide to type iphone keyboard

iOS 13 Slide to Type iPhone keyboard.

One of the first new features that you will stumble upon after updating your iPhone to iOS 13 is the new Slide to Type keyboard. This isn’t something revolutionary for your iPhone, because the App Store packs already plenty third party keyboards that are offering a similar slide to type option. Nevertheless, this is the first built-in version. Apple has named it QuickPath!

It practically allows you to write words by quickly sliding your fingers between the letters of the word. This makes typing faster because you don’t have to lift and tap every letter. The Predictive text feature along with a decent learning curve will allow you to increase your iPhone typing speed. QuickPath is enabled by default in iOS 13. However, if you feel that’s not something for you or if you have problems getting used to it you can disable it easily!

ios 13 slide to type keyboard info iOS 13 Slide To Type Keyboard Info
The first time that you use and app that requires text input, after updating to iOS 13, you’re prompted with info about QuickPath.
In my case it was the Mail app, as you can notice in the printscreen uploaded nearby.
The prompt says: “Speed up your typing by sliding your fingers across the letters to compose a word.”
Hit “Continue” and start practicing!

How To Use iPhone Slide To Type Keyboard

Simply start swiping! For example, if you want to type the word “iPhone” you start by placing your finger on the “I” and then slide for “P”. Without lifting the finger continue to “H”. then get back to “O”. Continue to slide for “N” and ultimately “E”.
Tip: You have to slide quickly. If the motion is too slow it won’t work. As soon as you slide fast enough, you’ll notice that lines are drawn whenever you connect the letters.
Fact: To fine tune your input you can use the Predictive text feature. For example if you perform the slide described above, you will type “Iphone”. However, in the Predictive text section you will surly find the correct “iPhone” spelling version. Tap it, to fine tune your input.

How To Disable QuickPath

disable slide to type in settings The Slide to Type keyboard might not be for everyone. If you can’t get used to it, here is what you have to do in order to disable it:
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap on General.
3. Select Keyboard.
4. Disable Slide to Type by taping the knob, available next to its label.
Fact: If you want to turn it back on at a later stage use the same Settings page.

What do you think about the new iOS 13 QuickPath keyboard? Are you using it?

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