Hidden Dark Mode Shortcut In iOS 13 Control Center

ios 13 dark mode settings

iOS 13 Dark mode Settings.

One of the first new features that you’re prompted with after upgrading your iPhone to iOS 13 is the availability of the new Dark Mode. As soon as you start configuring your iPhone for iOS 13 you’re asked what theme you prefer Light or Dark. Select whatever suits you best at the time of the configuration, because you can easily change this setting afterwards.

The conventional way of setting up Dark Mode is done from the Settings app. Browse for Display & Brightness and right at the top of the screen, in the Appearance section, you can easily switch between Light and Dark themes. The Light theme is the usual interface that you’ve been used to, in all the previous years without a Dark mode. On the same Settings page, you can allow iOS to automatically switch between the two modes, according to your local Sunrise and Sunset.

iOS 13 Dark Mode Control Center Toggle

If you would like to keep things manual and decide when to switch between Light and Dark modes you can simplify things by enabling the Dark Mode Control Center toggle. A single tab of the button will enable and disable the Dark them. This is done in Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls. Here you can add Dark Mode switch. Drag it to the desired position in the Control Center list.
How To: Swipe for Control Center and tap the Dark Mode icon to enable or disable!

Hidden Dark Mode Shortcut In Control Center

long press brightness control bar for dark mode toggle If you did not manage to configure the Dark Mode toggle in the Control Center, there’s still an easy way to enable or disable this new theme, thanks to a hidden shortcut in the Brightness control bar:
1. Swipe for Control Center.
2. Long press the Brightness control bar.
3. Tap the Dark Mode icon to enable or disable.

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