How To Fix No Subject No Sender Error Mail Bug After Upgrading To iOS 13

no subject, no sender mail bug screenshot

No subject, No sender Mail bug screenshot.

Did you just upgrade to iOS 13 and your Mail app is failing badly? Rest assured you aren’t the only one. Although the 13th iOS generation has been heavily beta tested during the summer months, some bugs did manage to pass through and reached the public release. This isn’t something unseen, but I agree it’s totally annoying. The built-in Mail app has experienced a series of bugs during the betas.

From the ones that we noticed I can mention problems with properly displaying the Unread messages. New emails don’t appear instantly (as soon as you get the notification) in the Inbox. You need for force refresh the folder to get them. Sent mail folder updates only hours after you dispatch a new message and so on. However, there is one more annoying bug that renders the Inbox home screen virtually unusable, by failing to fetch the Titles and Descriptions of the listed conversation. All that you get a screen filled with the No Sender, No Subject labels!

No Sender, No Subject Mail Issue

This bug hasn’t surfaced on our phones yet, but we’ve already got a couple of messages from our readers signaling the issue. Apparently the problem arises immediately after updating to iOS 13.
From the screenshot listed above you can notice that only the times of the received mails are displayed correctly. iOS 13 isn’t able though to fetch the Sender or the title for any email conversation listed in the Inbox page.
Fact: If you tap on a conversation the emails are displayed properly, but you literally have to be lucky to guess the email that you’re searching for, or else you risk end up playing hide and seek with the Mail app!

7 Ways Fix No Subject, No Sender Mail Bug

Updated: July 31, 2020.
We’ve expected Apple to fix this issue with an iOS software update, but it looks like that we’re almost switching for iOS 14 and the problem is still reported my a series of iPhone and iPad users.
That’s why we’ve updated the how to fix tutorial with a series of new troubleshooting options. Check them out:

1. Force close Mail App

The first thing that you should do when attempting to debug the ‘No Subject No Sender’ problem is to close and reopen the app. Don’t just exit the app and bring it back on your screen, but close it completely and prevent it from running in the background.
– Swipe-up for the App Switcher. (or double-click Home button, depending on what iOS device you use.)
-> Swipe the Mail card up, out of the screen to force close it.
-> Wait for a couple of seconds and open it back from the Home Screen.

2. ReSync The Mail App

If your mails are still plagued by ‘No Sender No Subject’ error you can force your Mail app to fetch new data:
-> Open the Settings app and browse for Mail.
-> Tap on Accounts and select Fetch New Data.
-> Tap on Push to disable it, wait for a couple of seconds for the change to take effect and turn it back ON.
Tip: Make sure that the Fetch schedule is set to ‘Automatically’.

3. Remove Mail Account and add it back

This is one of the most common fix for No Subject No Sender issue. Credits to Bp from the comments section.
-> In the same iOS / iPadOS Settings app, browse for Mail.
-> Tap on Accounts and select the email account that generates the No Subject No Sender errors.
-> Tap on Delete Account.
-> Restart your iPhone and add your account back from Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> Add Account.

4. Edit Mail Preview Settings

Some Mail app settings can also trigger the ‘No Subject, No Sender’ bug.
-> Open Settings and scroll for: Mail.
-> In the Messages List section you have the Preview setting.
-> Tap it and change the number of lines displayed in the Preview. Default is set to “2 Lines”. Go for 3 or 4 and see if this helps you to solve the problem.

5. Disable Mail Threading

In some cases the ‘No Sender No Subject Mail’ bug can be fixed by removing Threading:
-> In the Settings app, tap on Mail.
-> Scroll for the ‘Threading’ section and disable all the options including: Organise by Thread, Collapse Read Messages and Complete Threads.

6. Check Date & Time Setting

The ‘No Subject, No Sender Mail error’ can also be caused by a wrong Date & Time setting of your iOS device. Here is what you have to do:
– Open Settings and browse for General -> Date & Time.
– Make sure that the Set Automatically option is enabled.
Tip: If it’s already enabled toggle it OFF, what for 30 seconds and toggle it back ON. Did this help?

7. Delete Mail app and Reinstall

If you’re still reading this it means that fix 1 wasn’t the winner. This time be a little bit more radical. Delete the Mail app!
Long press the app’s icon on the Home Screen until the icons start to wobble.
Tap the small “x” displayed in the top-right corner of the app.
Wait for a couple of seconds and then open the App Store.
Search for Mail and download the app back on your device.
Sign back in and see if the No Subject, No Sender bug is still there.

Conclusion: There are many factors that can trigger the No Subject, No Sender Mail error. If you applied all tips listed above and couldn’t fix it, you also have the option to switch and start using a third party mail app, until a genuine fix is provided. We recommend you to opt for Gmail and check back as we’re constantly looking for a fix.

Are you experiencing this No Subject, No Sender bug on your iPhone or iPad? Did one of the above mentioned fixes help you out? Use the comment section available below and let us know!

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