How To Use The Stock iOS 12 Measure App

iphone running measure app

iPhone running new iOS 12 Measure app.

A new handy app has been included in iOS 12! It’s called Measure and it actually does what its name says. It helps you measure different surfaces with a decent amount of accuracy. It’s practically Apple’s native app for measuring objects with the help of the iPhone’s or iPad’s camera and the Augmented Reality environment. As soon as AR was introduced, last year, third party developers have started coding apps that allowed virtual measurements with the help of the iOS device.

One year later, Apple has coded its own piece of software and provides measurements with the help of the iPhone and iPad Camera as a stock feature. As soon as you upgrade your smartphone to iOS 12, you will notice the new Measure app on the Home Screen. The app is really easy to use. Just open it, move your iPhone to calibrate, drop a pin and start measuring. You can then copy your measurements and send them to a contact, or even capture the frame and send the image to your friends.

Measure with iOS 12 in 5 Steps
ios 12 measure app printscreen1. Move iPhone to calibrate.
2. Add a starting point by pressing the Shutter button.
3. Change view until the other end of the measurement an drop the end point.
4. Review your measurement. Tap the result (number) to convert to another measuring unit, or to copy the measurement. You can then Paste, your data as text into a mail or chat message and dispatch it!
5. Press the round capture button to snap a frame of your measurement. You can attach the image in Mail, Messages or any other communication app that you use.

iOS 12 Measure App Demo Video
Check out the video available below and see how to measure objects with your iPhone and iPad:

Pro Tip: Our test show that the Measure app is more accurate when you hold your iPhone in Portrait orientation, and not landscape. If you need a landscape view, you can measure your object in Portrait and then snap the results while holding your device horizontally!

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