iPhone XS Max LTE Data Connectivity Problems Hint Potential Antenna Problems

iphone xs max lte data signal strength issue

iPhone XS Max LTE data connectivity issue.

The 2018 iPhone flagships have been shipped and everyone is toying with the new devices. As expected the iPhone XS and its oversized sibling are topnotch units. However, controversy has been already generated. A series of iPhone XS Max owners have reported poor LTE data performance, in location where previous iPhone models did not have any problems. We’ve noticed this flaw on our own iPhone XS Max demo unit and it seems that there might be a problem with the device’s antenna.

As posted on wiwavelength.com, although this is one of the largest iPhone ever sold, the XS Max’s antenna isn’t performing as expected, or better said is providing a poorer reception when compared to previous iPhone models. This might cause your iPhone to download LTE data below par in the same areas where older iPhones would have worked flawless. On average users claim that the XS Max has one bar less signal strength, when compared with iPhone models!

iPhone XS Max Poor LTE Data Connectivity Cause
If this is an Apple antenna design flaw or if the problem lies in the antenna tuning circuitry isn’t sure. However, a hardware flaw would mean that users will have to live with poorer LTE data connectivity. Apple, hasn’t reacted to this issue yet, and many await for a software fix, in an upcoming iOS 12 software update. If this will be the case we will keep you updated of course.

Tip: Until then don’t freak out if you get the “Unable to activate cellular network!” prompt while your iPhone XS Max has full signal bars!

Update: Tap here to learn how to fix the iPhone XS Max LTE connectivity problem! Please note that this isn’t an official Apple fix and might not work for all affected devices.

Fact: The iPhone X Max LTE data connectivity issue isn’t carrier related, as we have received mails from T-Mobile, AT&T as well as Sprint customers. Do you encounter similar issues with your iPhone XS?