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iphone running measure app

How To Use The Stock iOS 12 Measure App

A new handy app has been included in iOS 12! It’s called Measure and it actually does what its name says. It helps you measure different surfaces with a decent amount of accuracy. It’s practically Apple’s native app for measuring objects with the help of the iPhone’s or iPad’s camera and the Augmented Reality environment….

stock iphone apps can be deleted in iOS 10

Did You Know That iOS 10 Allows You To Delete 23 Stock iPhone Apps?

If I say Stocks, you surly know what I mean! Ever since the iPhone was invented, users have looked for a way to get rid of the Stocks app and other built-in iOS app that they never use. It took 10 iOS versions for Apple to acknowledge this and allow us to delete stock applications…

iOS 10 Activity and Tips Widgets.

10 New Lock Screen Widgets Available In iOS 10

The Lock Screen has been completely revamped in iOS 10 and the Widgets have obtained a more prominent role. They aren’t hidden anymore, behind the Notification Center, are instead easily accessible, with a right swipe of the screen. This makes your favorite apps accessible directly from the lock screen. You can read important info at…

apple watch displaying third party watchos 2 complications

20 App Store WatchOS 2 Apps With Third-Party Complications

WatchOS 2 is finally available and among all the exciting new features, there is one that stands out. I’m talking about the ability of third party apps to run natively on your Apple Watch, without needing support from the paired iPhone. This results in much faster loading times and improved user experience. More, third party…

apple watch with third party complications

Apple Watch Third Party Complications Available With watchOS 2

Complications is the term used by Apple for the info modules that you can select to display on your Watch Face. Depending on each background there are several areas that support these little widgets. Depending on size we can differentiate between three types of complications: small, standard and expanded views. The smallest widget can be…