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iphone 14 camera focus not working

Camera Not Focusing iOS 16 Issue? iPhone 14, 13, 12? Fix?

iPhone camera not focusing after iOS 16 update? Issue occurs when trying to capture close range subjects? Camera is out of focus when opened via third-party apps? Encountering focus issues even for mid and long range subjects? You’re not alone….

camera not closing ios 16.2

Camera Not Closing iOS 16.2 Beta Lock Screen Bug! (Fix?)

Camera not closing on iPhone after updating to iOS 16.2 beta? You’re unable to dismiss the Camera when the app is opened from the Lock Screen shortcut? Swipe-up from the bottom of the screen isn’t recognized? White bar missing?…

continuity camera not working ventura

Continuity Camera Not Working in macOS Ventura? (Fixed!)

Continuity camera not working on Mac? You’ve updated to macOS Ventura and iOS 16.1 but FaceTime, Google Meet, QuickTime, Photo Booth and similar apps are not recognizing the iPhone’s camera? Or, camera is available but no video is streamed?…

iPhone 14 Pro camera rattle

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Rattles When Shaking Device? Normal?

iPhone 14 Pro camera rattles when you shake the device? Are you hearing a loud noise from the back camera module when you gently pad the phone on the back? It’s most likely coming from the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) system….

iPhone 14 pro camera click instagram

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Click Sound In Instagram App? (Fix?)

iPhone 14 Pro camera clicking in Instagram? There’s a single loud click coming from the back camera module when the camera is started? There’s also a slight lag or freeze before the viewfinder is properly initialized?…