How To Wirelessly Backup Your iPhone And iPad Without Using iCloud

How to backup iOS device wirelessly.

How to backup iOS device wirelessly.

If you own an iPhone you most likely use it hourly, excepting sleeping times. Nowadays, we use the smartphone not only for person to person communication purposes. Most of us also have it as our main photo and video camera. We can use iOS devices to open locks, switch off lights, turn the heating in our homes, pay for bills, book a restaurant and much more. Because of this multi-roll usability people have become, to a certain degree, smartphone dependent.

If we use it daily, it means that all the data stored on it is very important for us. Considering that an iPhone can be easily lost or damaged, it’s important to have a backup of the info stored on the device. This allows us to easily switch to another model without losing photos, videos, passwords, settings and all other important stuff. We’ve already shown you how to backup via iTunes or iCloud. Today, I will highlight how to backup the content of your iOS device wirellesly, without using iCloud.

4 Steps To Backup iPhone / iPad Wirelessly Without iCloud

Important: For this method to work, you need a desktop or notebook computer that’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iOS device. The Mac or Windows computer needs the AnyTrans third-party software installed on it.
installing AnyTrans on Mac computer. 1. Download and Install AnyTrans On Your Computer
Download link: AnyTrans.
First of all you need to grab the AnyTrans iPhone manager on your computer or notebook. Download it as you do with any other third-party software. Make sure that you choose the version that matches the OS on your computer for Mac or Windows.
Tip: The software comes with a trial version, so you can test it first before purchasing.

2. Connect Your iOS Device To Your Computer
After you installed AnyTrans, open it and connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer. This is done via the device’s lightning cable. The procedure is identical with the one used for connecting to iTunes, on your desktop or notebook. Make sure that you allow the connectivity by selecting “Trust” this computer, when the permission acknowledgement prompt is displayed on your iOS device.

AnyTrans iPhone backup manager 3. Schedule Wireless Backups
With the iPhone or iPad connected to your desktop/notebook, the AnyTrans software displays the “Device Manager” home screen. To enable wireless backups of your iPhone or iPad you have to:
– Click on the top drop-down menu and select, “Backup Manager”. The option is easily detectable because it has an orange label called “New”, associated to it.
– Now, you have to tick the box next to the “Air Backup for [your name]’s iPhone automatically”. This will allow AnyTrans to backup your iOS device wirelessly when both computer and iPhone / iPad are connected to the same WiFi network.
enabling AnyTrans air backup for iPhone. – Click on “Preferences” to schedule these incremental iPhone backups. You can opt for daily, every 2 days, every 3 days, weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly.
Important: AnyTrans is able to adopt the backup encryption level used with iTunes. So, if you previously configured a backup password on iTunes, the same encryption will be used with your AnyTrans backups. We’re talking about unbreakable AES-256 encryption, via your local SSL-secured Wi-Fi.

performing a full iPhone backup with AnyTrans 4. Perform A Full Backup Via AnyTrans
The wireless backups are incremental ones. They only backup new data recorded on your iPhone / iPad that isn’t already stored in an existing backup. This means that you need to perform a full wired backup first. This is done from the “Full Backup” option. Click it and AnyTrans will back up all your device’s data. Confirm that you wish to perform an encrypted backup and let the software save your iPhone / iPad content to your computer.
Fact: Depending on the size of your iPhone, this backup can last as less as 3 minutes or as long as half an hour. So, be patient.

AnyTrans Wireless Backup Facts
– This third-party software allows you to back up everything that’s available on your iPhone or iPad including photo library, music, videos, podcasts, voice memos and more without using iTunes.
– Another great feature permits you to preview and export, with surgical precision, what you exactly need from your iTunes/iCloud backups. This means that you can also only extract parts of the data and not the entire content of your iOS device. All your backups will be backed up to the local disk drive as scheduled – daily, weekly, monthly.
– Besides these scheduled incremental Air Backups, the AnyTrans Backup Manager allows you to perform wired Full iPhone or iPad backup, as described above and wired Incremental Backups.
– Restoring data from a backup is also done when the iPhone/iPad is physically connected to the computer/notebook via the device’s lightning cable!