iPadOS 16 Folder Bug? Blur Missing From Top Of The Screen?

iPadOS 16.1 folder bug

iPadOS 16.1 folder bug

Are you experiencing the iPadOS 16 folder bug? The top part of the screen remains unblurred when you open a folder from the Dock? Tapping it won’t close the folder? You’re not alone this is a common issue!

iPadOS 16 Folder Bug

This issue has been reported by qw3rts, in the comments of our iPadOS 16.1 review page:

“There’s an unblurred spot on the top of my screen when i go into an app folder.”

Problem has been confirmed by Filly:

“Let me know if u have solution to solve the unblurred spot”

We’ve been able to easily replicate this bug. However, it only occurs when the folder is opened from Dock, either in landscape or portrait view!

How To Fix iPadOS 16 Folder Bug

ipados 16 folder bug workaround
Apple will have to fix this glitchy animation in an upcoming software update.

Until then, the only workaround available is to remove the folder from Dock. However, this might negatively affect your productivity, because apps will be harder to open.

Tip: Use Spotlight search to compensate until Apple issues a fix.

Have you managed to fix the iPadOS 16.1 folder animation bug? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

We’ve reported the problem to Apple. However, the more confirmations the more prioritized a fix will get.

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