Shared With You Popup Keeps Showing Up In Messages? (Fix!)

shared with you in messages

Shared with You splash screen in messages

Shared with You splash screen keeps showing up in Messages? You’re informed that content shared in Messages can appear in other apps like Music, Photos, Safari and more? This happens every time you open the app?

Shared With You Keeps Showing In Messages?

This issue has been reported by Sofia, in the comments section of our iOS 16.1 review page:

“Shared with you card is always popping up when i open messages! Is this a bug?”

We couldn’t replicate it, but have found a similar complaint on Reddit!

How To Prevent Shared With You Splash Screen

Splash screen are highlighting new features and they’re usually showing up the first time you open and app after an important software update.

If, you swiped through the info screens and have acknowledged the new features but the card keeps showing up, proceed as follows:

  • Open Settings and scroll for Messages.
  • Tap on Shared with You.
  • Turn Off Automatic Sharing.
  • Fact: This will turn off the feature completely. Force quit Messages and open again. Does the popup still appear? If it doesn’t return to the same Settings and re-enable the feature if you want to use it. Splash screen should stay hidden.

Have you managed to stop Shared with You popup from showing up every time in Messages in iOS 16.1? Do you have a better solution or other issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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