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Twitter logout error on iPhone

Twitter Logout Error On iPhone In iOS 15?

Are you experiencing the Twitter logout error on iPhone? Is the app signing out all your sessions and you have to log-in every time you open the app? This seems to be widespread bug affecting mainly iOS 15 users. Twitter Logged Me Out ! Are you also affected by an ongoing Twitter logout bug the…

Mail not working in macOS Monterey

Mail Not Working on Mac: Emails Not Loading In macOS 12.0.1

Are emails not loading in Mail after macOS Monterey update? They’re listed in Inbox, but when you try to open a message the read it, you just get the header but the rest of the page is blank page with no content in the body section? This seems to be a widespread macOS 12.0.1 Mail…

screensaver black screen issue on Mac

ScreenSaver Not Working On Mac In macOS 12 (Black Screen!)

Is the screensaver not working on Mac after the macOS Monterey update? Does the screen turn black, when the screensaver starts playing, instead of displaying photos from a folder or album that you’ve selected in System Preferences?…

iOS 15 Screen Time bug

iOS 15 Screen Time Bug Showing Wrong Usage Times (Fixed!)

A strange iOS 15 Screen Time bug is causing iPhone to display wrong screen on times! The data is obviously inaccurate because users confirm values of 24 hours or more, which is obviously impossible! The most frequent apps involved in this glitch are Safari and Twitter….

iPhone Storage bug in iOS 15

How To Fix iPhone Storage Bug (Wrong Capacity In iOS 15)

Are you also hit by the iPhone Storage bug? Are capacity calculations wrong since updating to iOS 15? Is your device going as far as displaying zero KB used? Or, the other way around iPhone or iPad displays a much higher storage usage than you’re actually using?…