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iPhone not connecting to Car USB

iPhone Not Connecting To Car USB After Update To iOS 15.2?

Is your iPhone not connecting to car USB after iOS 15.2 update? The connection works partially as iPhone charges via the USB port. However, the car is not able to play music via the wired iPhone connection!…

significant locations not working on iphone

Significant Locations Not Showing History On iPhone (iOS 15)

Are Significant Locations not showing on iPhone after iOS 15 update? The privacy feature is able to identify and record important places, but the History section has vanished. The Recent Records map is blank too!…

Apple Watch dots on dial bug

Apple Watch Dots On Watch Face Dial Instead Of Numbers?

Is your Apple Watch showing three dots on dial instead of the numbers for some hours? Does this happen only on Watch Faces that use the analog dial, like GMT? This is a minor watchOS 8 bug that can be easily fixed in Settings….

change picture greyed out on Mac

Change Picture Greyed Out On Mac in macOS Monterey? (Fix!)

Is the Change Picture option greyed out on Mac after updating to macOS Monterey? You’re not able to set desktop pictures to shuffle at a predefined time interval? This is a widespread macOS 12.0.1 bug!…

Twitter logout error on iPhone

Twitter Logout Error On iPhone In iOS 15?

Are you experiencing the Twitter logout error on iPhone? Is the app signing out all your sessions and you have to log-in every time you open the app? This seems to be widespread bug affecting mainly iOS 15 users. Twitter Logged Me Out ! Are you also affected by an ongoing Twitter logout bug the…