iPhone Keyboard Accuracy Issues: Typing Errors In iOS 15?

iPhone keyboard accuracy issues

iPhone keyboard accuracy issues

Are you experiencing keyboard accuracy issues when typing on iPhone in iOS 15? Are you typing with errors much more frequently. Do you feel clumsy because you miss hitting the correct letters too often? Fortunately, these typos seem to be caused by a bug. It’s not your eyesight playing tricks on you!

Keyboard Accuracy Issues In iOS 15

iphone keyboard typos in ios 15
Are you having a similar experience. Missing letters that you thought you typed or getting nearby letters instead of the one that you wanted to input?

Does this happen in both Portrait and Landscape orientation?

Use the comments section and share your feedback as we’re trying to assess how widespread this iPhone keyboard accuracy is.

How To Improve iPhone Keyboard Accuracy

Below you can find some workarounds to improve your typing experience on iPhone:

1. Turn Off QuickPath

If you’re not using the slide-to-type technique you should disable QuickPath. It could be one of the factors for your keyboard typos:
how to turn off quicktype keyboard on iphone

  • Open Settings and browse for General.
  • Tap on Keyboard.
  • Turn Off Slide to Type in the All Keyboards section.

2. Disable Auto-Correction

turn off auto-correction in ios 15
Some users report that the Auto-Correction feature has become less efficient. It can be an important source of typos indeed. I recommend you to turn it off.

You can do it in the same Keyboard settings menu. It’s the second option in the All Keyboards list.

3. Use Predictive Keyboard

how to use predictive text keyboard
A workaround to diminishes the amount of typos on your iPhone is to use the iOS predictive text feature. Your device is able to anticipate what you’re about to type and the word predictions are displayed at the top of your keyboard.

Keep an eye on them and tap the word whenever it matches your intentions!

Tip: For this to work Predictive has to be enabled in Keyboard settings.

4. Use Dictation

using dictation to add text on iPhone
If your iPhone typing is not accurate you can use dictation as long as you won’t compromise your privacy or disturb others while speaking out.

Fact: For the microphone button to become available, below the keyboard, in the bottom-right corner you need to Enable Dictation in the same Keyboard settings.

Have you managed to fix iPhone Keyboard accuracy issues? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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