iPhone Notification Center Widget Setup and Configuration

iphone widget setup

iPhone Widget Setup & Configuration.

Although Apple hasn’t introduced the availability of home screen widgets in their iOS 8 release, it’s now possible to use widgets within the Notification Center. This improves the information flow for us iPhone and iPad users, because we now benefit of the option to receive ‘at-a-glance’ data, a swipe away from the home screen or any other screen of our iOS device.

Notification Center widgets are made available by built-in iOS apps and by third party applications installed from the App Store. They basically provide rapid access to a summary of the most important data collected by an app. This allows you to check info by swiping down from the top of the screen, without needing to browse your device and access the app itself.

How To Open iOS Widgets
ios notification widgets screen Swipe down from the top of your iPhone screen to unfold the Notification Center. Now, select the Today tab and you’ll open a list with all active widgets. They are displayed in a predetermined order. Scroll down to read all the notifications. If something catches your eye, you can tap on the widget to read additional information. Depending on the type of the widget you can either browse additional data within the widget, or you’ll be redirected to the app in cause.

How To Setup & Configure iPhone Widgets
ios widget edit button If you scroll all the way down the Notification Center Today tab, you’ll reach the widgets Edit button. Tap it and you’ll enter the widget setup and configuration menu. Here you have a list with all the available widgets. They’re divided in two: active and inactive widgets.
Active widgets are listed first and have a red minus icon on the left hand side. Tapping it will enable the Remove tag and the appliance in cause will be deactivated. The offline widgets are listed under the ‘Do Not Include’ tag. The green plus icons, available next to each item is used to enable the widget and make it available in the Notification Center.
iphone widget configuration After you decide which widgets you wish to enable, you can configure their sequence of appearance. Notification Center displays them according to the order they’re listed. To adjust the position of a widget tap and hold the grid icon available on the right hand side of each item. Now, drag the widget to the desired place in the list.
All gizmo’s displayed on the Edit page are displayed if the specific apps installed on your iPhone, support widget integration. You’ll notice that iOS comes with a few built-in widgets like: Today Summary, Calendar, Reminders, Stocks and Tomorrow Summary. Today Summary is the only item that can’t be removed from the top position of the display list.
iPhone Notification WidgetsOther widgets available in our demo images belong to apps that have been downloaded from the App Store. Do note, that not all applications support widgets. They’re usually mentioned in the app’s description if available. If you wish to use some of the widgets that we find most handy you can download and install: Weather Underground (Brings live forecasts, including current temperature and predicted highs and lows); Pedometer++ (counts steps, estimates distance and displays them on in your Notification Center) and Google News (A great source of keyword-oriented news).