Play Heads Up On iPhone And Have Fun With Your Friends

iOS Heads Up icon.

iOS Heads Up icon.

Besides using your iOS device for its cell phone functions and for helping you out with your daily tasks, you can also use your iPhone to spend some quality time together with your friends, colleagues or anyone else that you wish to socialize with.
This can be achieved with the help of numerous App Store games, that are playable out of the box. I’m referring to those games that transform your iPhone or iPad into a tool which can be used by multiple players in the same time, causing a captivating interaction.
One of these game is Heads Up!, made available by Warner Bros. Entertainment. It has become very popular after Ellen DeGeneres promoted it on her show. It’s a simple but yet very intriguing guessing game. Your iPhone turns into a deck of cards, that have to be recognized, with the help of tips provided by your teammates.

How To Play Heads Up!
heads up free decksFirst of all, you need to download it on your iOS device. Happily, the game is now available free of charge, on the App Store. Playing it is very simple. When you launch the game for the first time you’ll be prompted with a demo video. Ellen DeGeneres herself, will teach you the gameplay of Heads Up! What you need to do is decide which category you and your friends wish to guess from and pick a deck of cards accordingly. The ones currently available are: Superstars, Act It Out, Animals Gone Wild, Blockbuster Movies, Icons, Legends & Stars, Accents & Impressions and Hey Mr. DJ.
heads up deck instructionsAfter you make your selection you’ll be prompted with the particular instructions of the chosen deck. An extra challenge trick to make things more complicated is always available.
For example, Let’s pick the Hey Mr. DJ deck. Your teammates will have to guess the song displayed on each card. However, you’re not allowed to mention the lyrics, only humming is your trick. The increase difficulty trick, for this deck, is to forget humming and make your friends guess by just whistling. when everyone ready, tap Play, place your iPhone on your forehead and start guessing.
heads up card in playYou have 60 seconds to guess as many cards as possible. Whenever a card is guessed tilt your phone towards the floor to mark it as Correct and a new card will come up. If your teammates find a card to difficult to tip, tilt your device above the head to Pass and get a new card. Correctly guess the highest number of cards before time runs out and become the winning team! After your guessing minute is over, you can also watch a funny recording with your teammates, while trying to make you guess. If it’s epic save it and share it with your friends.

heads up correct card guess

Correct Guess!

heads up pass notification

Pass Confirmation!

heads up time's up notification

Time’s Up!

Build Your Own Heads Up! Deck
heads up in-app purchase If you get bored of the available decks you can download new ones and even build your own. If you download Heads Up! now you’ll be able to also grab four additional free decks, by scrolling down to the More Decks area. The Happy Holidays, Perfect Pairs, Famous Families and Just For Kids can be downloaded for free.
If you need more decks you need to opt for an in-app purchase. You’ll have the option to build your own cards or download special packs already available. Some of the most sought of are: RED (a fund raising deck for RED anti-AIDS campaign), Adult Supervision, Bad Behavior, That’s So 90s, Sports Legends, Wish You Where Here, As Seen On TV and many more.