iPhone Radiation Levels – SAR Values Of All iPhones

SAR values of all iPhones ever released

SAR values of all iPhones ever released.

iPhone radiation levels are very important. The smartphone world is still considered new technology and it’s too soon to have complete studies about how the human body is affected, during a full life cycle. Daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation, coming from cellular phones, isn’t labeled as harmful, however there are users that experience headaches after long phone calls. Because it’s always better to be safe than sorry, we recommend you to keep RF exposure to a minimum.

iPhones as well as all other smartphones are tested and have to fit into the SAR limits imposed by the FCC (Federal Communications Community) as wells as other country or region-wide authorities. All iPhones ever released have obviously passed the RF exposure tests, or else Apple wouldn’t be allowed to retail them in the first place. However, some iPhones radiate more than others. Check the following collection of the maximum SAR values of all iPhones ever sold.

What Is SAR?

The Specific Absorbtion Rate informs us about how much radio frequency radiation the human body absorbs when in close proximity of a smartphone. Depending on the regulatory body, FCC in the U.S. or the CE in the European Union, there are certain radiation limits that are considered safe. SAR Values are measured in watts per kilogram. In the United States the maximum accepted limit is 1.6 W/kg averaged over 1 gram of tissue, while in Europe the limit is 2.0 W/kg averaged over 10 grams of tissue.

How Is SAR Measured?

During a SAR test, all iPhone antennas are turned on. Reported values represent the maximum radio frequency output of each device. For smartphones there are two measurements made. One at Head level, with the iPhone touching the year, simulating a phone call.
The second value is recorded when the device is used next to your Body. This simulates real life usage when iPhone is carried in your pocket, thus a 5 millimetre distance between the device and body is taken in account.

SAR Values Of All iPhones Ever Released

iPhone SAR Value List

SAR value levels of all iPhones ever released

Fact: The iPhone 7 is one of the highest radiating iPhones ever released!

How To Reduce iPhone Radiation

There are lots of ways to reduce your exposure to the radio frequency energy emitted by your iOS device. Most of them focus on avoiding the contact between iPhone and ear when a phone call ins ongoing.

  • Hands-free speaking, wired earphones and even speakerphone are great solutions. The most important thing is to keep your iPhone away from your ear. CarPlay integration is highly recommended, while the wired earphones that are shipped in the box are the perfect solution for keeping your phone far away from your head when you’re not driving.
  • AirPods are also helping, but they do use Bluetooth connectivity for audio playback. Bluetooth antenna is less radiating than the cellular one, but it’s still not radiation free. You need wired solutions if you want to stay away from RF exposure.
  • Avoid calls when your carrier signal is low. Cellular antenna will have to work overtime and the iPhone radiation levels get close to the maximum levels. For other tips that help you stay away from smartphone RF exposure, do read an extended article that we wrote about this subject here.

Are you concerned by iPhone and smartphone radiation in general? Do you experience any side effects when talking for a longer time with the phone propped against your ear? Let us know in the comments section available below.

Note: This article will be update after every new iPhone release.

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