macOS Sonoma Wallpaper Download (Light And Dark Themes)

macOS Sonoma wallpapers

macOS Sonoma wallpapers

macOS 14 Developer beta is available for installation and this makes the new macOS Sonoma wallpaper accessible for Mac and non-Mac users. It comes in two options Light and Dark and you can download it right now!

macOS Sonoma Wallpaper Download

Light and Dark themes switch automatically based on the system’s time when the background is used with macOS. Using the images with another OS or device, requires you to manually switch between the two themes:

macOS Sonoma Wallpaper Light

Tap the thumbnail to open and download the high resolution version. File format is .jpeg:
macOS Sonoma wallpaper light

macOS Sonoma Wallpaper Dark

File format is .png:
macOS Sonoma wallpaper dark

Credits: Thanks iSoftwareUpdates for sharing them.

More: You can experience the new wallpaper live on your own Mac by installing the macOS 14 beta as instructed here.

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