Mr Jump – The Newest App Store Hotshot

mr jump level 1 score

Mr Jump Level 1 Score.

When a new App Store software collects 5 million downloads in only four days from launch, you definitely have to try it out! Mr Jump is the latest App Store addiction amongst gamers. It has a Flappy Bird-like gameplay and this says it all.

If you love patterns and have the patience to play levels over and over again until you memorize the perfect path, you’re going to love this game. It’s developed by 1Button and its first version comes with 12 tricky levels.

To make it simple, Mr Jump is the hero of this game and the character controlled by you. He has an impressive stamina an can run 24/7. Help him avoid obstacles, by letting him now when and how long to jump to avoid spikes, depths and other traps.

Mr Jump Gameplay and Controls
mr jump home screenTo be able to play you have to download Mr Jump from the App Store. The playing interface is very simple and user-friendly. The home screen has 5 possible actions:
1. Tap almost everywhere on the screen to start playing right away;
2. Swipe-left to reveal your level progression;
3. Swipe-right to find out more about the developer;
4. Tap the Settings icon, available in the top left corner to tweak sound, get stats, or Remove Ads;
5. Tap the Game Center icon, located in the bottom left corner, to check your ranking!

mr jump controls In theory Mr Jump is easy to control. Each tap of the screen forces him to leap. If you tap & hold the jump covers a bigger distance. The problem is that you have to time your taps to perfection in order to be able to complete a level. The good news is that you have an unlimited number of attempts. However, be prepared to play a level hundreds of times before you’ll manage to complete it. In case that you lose your patience and want to move on, you can unlock a new level by performing a $0.99 in-app purchase.

6 Tips & Tricks for Mr Jump
mr jump levelsIf you struggle guiding Mr Jump through his running paths, follow the following advices and complete the levels of this addictive iOS game:
1. Detach and Focus: If you wanna have success with Mr Jump you need to detach from what you’re doing and thinking. The game has to become your one and only focus solely. I personally use headphones and even end up turning Airplane Mode on, to make sure that I avoid any alerts that could startle Mr Jump into the abyss.
2. Perfect Taps: To make your life easier tap the screen, using your main hand. That the left for lefties and right for righties. The location of your tap is also important, try to press somewhere in the lower part of the screen, so that you don’t diminish your view on the upcoming obstacles. The intensity of the tap shouldn’t be to high either, because if you press hard, you need more time to lift your finger and tap again, which could prove fatal for Mr Jump!
3. Practice Makes Perfect Be ready to play tens and hundreds of attempts before you’ll be able to complete a level. You’ll end up memorizing the obstacles and be ready to tackle obstacles before they appear on your screen. Practice also improves your hand-eye coordination and you’ll eventually have your breakthrough.
4. Train Your Timing: After you get experienced you’ll be able to feel the perfect timing for your taps. In the critical points of the path you have only a single winning taping pattern and here is where timing becomes most important. Estimate the jumping distance correctly and you’ll avoid jumping too soon and landing short, or leaping too late and landing long.
5. Solve Traps: As mentioned above each level has a few key points, or traps, which require perfect timing and jumping combinations. The more you’ll practice, the better you’ll get used to passing those critical obstacles and advancing deeper in the round.
6. Relax and Enjoy: Always remember that this is a game and you’re playing to relax yourself and detach from everyday worries. Enjoy it or forget it. If you get tight because you don’t manage to progress you’ll only make it worse. Don’t forge to breathe in and out!