iPhone 5s Airplane Mode Trick

charging iphone 5s

A charging iPhone 5s.

We’re sure that it happens to you quite often to forget to charge your iPhone. Even worse, you only discover that your battery is drained close before you have to be on the move, away from a power source!
Here is a great trick though that might just save your day. Did you know that your iOS device will charge twice as fast if you perform this task while the iPhone is in Airplane Mode?
Yes, you risk missing a few calls, but if you charge your smartphone for 15 minutes in offline mode, you get as much battery juice as you would have from connecting it to electricity for 30 minutes in normal mode! Combine this with other iPhone battery life saving tips and you’ll maintain your phone active until you reach the next available power source.

What is iPhone Airplane Mode?
It’s basically what the name suggests. A mode that has been designed for using your phone while on an airplane, without breaking the FAA cell phone rules. As you might be aware of, the crew always asks passengers to switch their phones off before takeoff and landing. This requirement is applied to all electronic devices that emit radio signals or radio waves in order not to interfere with the airplane’s operating systems.

However during the rest of your flight you are allowed to use your electronic devices except for actual calling or dispatching text messages. This is why the airplane mode has been configured. It practically allows you to play games, listen to music, read, watch photos and even watch movies on your iPhone while aboard.

The following services are restricted while operating on Airplane Mode:
– Celluar, including voice and data;
– GPS (Global Positioning System) services
– Location services
– Wi-Fi
– Bluetooth

How To Enable Airplane Mode?
There are two ways to do it.
1. Tap the Settings icon and drag the button from “OFF” to “ON”.
2. You can activate and deactivate Airplane Mode on an iPhone 5s (iOS 7), via Control Center, by pressing the airplane icon in the top left corner of this menu, as you can see in the below embedded video.
As soon as you enable the Airplane Mode you will notice that the signal of your carrier will disappear and a tiny airplane will be displayed instead. Repeat the same process described above to disable it and return to normal Data Network mode.