Private Relay Unavailable Notification? (iCloud+ Downtime )

Private Relay Unavailable

Private Relay Unavailable

Did you just get the Private Relay Unavailable notification on iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry it’s not your fault. Apple’s premium iCloud+ service is down again!

Private Relay Unavailable

private relay unavailable notification
Is the iCloud notification informing you that:

“Private Relay will automatically turn back on when it is available”?

Although this issue isn’t confirmed by Apple in the System Status page yet, we’re sure that we’re dealing with a second global Private Relay Downtime, after the one experienced on November 3.

Is Apple Aware Of It?

apple unaware of private relay downtime
As mentioned above the System Status page is not mentioning any ongoing problem and we’re already more than one hour into this issue.

Our current organic search traffic based on this subject is still significant which certainly confirms that issue is widespread all around the world!

It’s Sunday though and Apple’s support staff might react slower. We’re keeping an eye on it.

icloud private relay resolved issue

Update: An iCloud Private Relay issue is labeled as resolved. This info only appears on the desktop version of the Apple System Status page. However, we’re still experiencing large organic traffic numbers in Google Analytics for this keyword, which usually means that the problem is ongoing!

Are you still experiencing it? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

How To Fix Private Relay Unavailable

private relay unavailable in settings
Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do to fix it. Patience is a virtue in this case.

You might be able to force the activation faster by trying to enable Private Relay in:
Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Private Relay (Beta) and use the On/Off toggle next to Private Relay (Beta).

Fact: This time around the Private Relay is temporarily unavailable info isn’t displayed in Settings. Apparently, this happens because Apple hasn’t acknowledged the issue, as it’s still not confirmed in System Status.

Stay tuned we will update this article as soon as iCloud Private Relay comes back online!

Is Private Relay down on your device too? Use the comments section available below to confirm this issue. Please mention your country too, to help us better understand how widespread the problem is.

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