Trivia Crack The Most Addictive iOS Game

trivia crack wheel spin

Trivia Crack wheel spin.

Time to introduce you to one of the most downloaded App Store games ever. Trivia Crack is a cross-platform quiz game that reunites worldwide players, which aim to answer the highest number of question in the lowest time-frame possible. Contenders compete for rankings, achievements and personal glory against random opponents or close friends and family.

Trivia Crack is free for everyone. It brings iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and other mobile platform’s users to the same dueling table. Quizzes are divided in 6 categories and players can choose between two game modes: Classic and Challenge. The other important customization available is the Opponent type. You can either pick to clash with a Random player or select one or more contenders from your list of Friends.

Download Trivia Crack for iOS
trivia crack in app store Before I continue sharing more info about this game, let’s make sure that all of us have it installed on our iOS devices. Tap this App Store download link and install Trivia Crack on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and why not, on your Apple Watch! When ready, open the app and create an account by providing your email address.
To upload the game on your watchOS device, you have to install it first on the paired iPhone. Next, open the Apple Watch app on your smartphone, and browse to My Watch, scroll for Trivia Crack in the third party app’s list and toggle the Show App on Apple Watch knob.

How To Play Trivia Crack on iPhone
ios trivia crack new game screen This quiz game is easily played on all mobile devices. First you have to decide what type of game you want to engage in. As mentioned above you have two options. So, on the app’s home screen tap on New Game. You can select the Game Language at the top of the screen. Unless you play with friends that use the same native language, I advise you to maintain the default setting, which is the most common used international language: English.
Next, select between the Classic or Challenge game modes. Last but not least mention if you wish to compete versus a Random opponent or you want to clash with your Friends. Finally, tap Play Now and get ready to show your wisdom and combine knowledge with strategy.
If you clash with random opponents the game will rapidly pick a contender and trivia starts right away. Else, you have to invite your rivals from the Friend’s list.

Trivia Crack Classic vs Challenge Game Modes
trivia crack classic game mode The Classic gameplay requires the players to spin the trivia wheel. Characters specific for each categories are available on the wheel. These are: History, Science, Geography, Art, Sports and Entertainment, along with the Crown bonus selection. The character pointed to, when the revolution stops, represents the category of the next question and the mascot that you play for. You need to answer correctly, to three questions from the same category, to win the character. Each quiz has 4 answer options, only one selection representing the correct solution. The Classic gameplay unfolds in turns. When a player inputs a wrong answer he ends his turn, and the opponent starts completing his trivia. The Winner is determined by the competitor that first masters all categories and wins all 6 mascots. Intangibles are represented by the Crown selection, which allows a player to choose whether to answer a category specific question and win its character, or to attempt to steal a mascot from his opponent!

trivia crack challenge game results The Challenge game mode is one of my favorites, which I usually play together with my whole family. The gameplay consists in a set of 12 questions, that’s two quizzes from each of the six categories. You have 30 seconds to answer each question and the game’s winner is the player with the most quizzes solved, in the shortest time-frame. In case one ore more contenders answer the same amount of questions correctly, the one that did it faster wins. The great thing is that this trivia can be played in the same time, or each contender can complete the round whenever he gets some spare time. All players have 24 hours to play a Challenge Trivia Crack round, after the invites are sent out. Notifications are sent to the players’ mobile devices, whenever a challenge arises.

Trivia Crack Powerups
trivia crack powerups For each game won you receive coins and ranking points as rewards. These coins ca be used to purchase one of the four Powerups available. Each time when a question poses trouble, you can use one of the four helping options available at the bottom of the screen: Extra Time, Bomb, Double Chance and Skip. A single aid can be used per trivia. Each Powerup deducts coins from your trunk, so it’s important to keep winning in order to get a little help when your memory plays tricks on you. Extra Time buys you an additional 15 seconds, to pick an answer. Bomb one of the expensive Powerups, eliminates two wrong answers, leaving you a 50%-50% chance of taping the correct solution. Double Chance allows you a second attempt in case your first selection is incorrect, while Skip changes the question.

Trivia Crack Statistics
trivia crack statistics All your answers are registered and you can always check your category performance, Trivia level, Weekly Ranking, specific Challenge performance as well as overall results in Friends Challenges. To check all these stats, return to the Trivia Crack home screen and view your profile. You can either tap on your avatar icon or hit the right icon in the bottom horizontal menu. Next tap on View Profile and make sure that you’re on the Performance tab. Scroll to review your results and see your correct answering percentage for each category and much more. Switch for the Achievements view and see your rewards. Keep it up and good luck!

Trivia Crack In-App Purchases
trivia crack upgrades As mentioned above this game is free of charge. However you have a limited amount of lives. After you play three games, lives start to regenerate themselves with each passing hour. You won’t be able to accumulate more than 3 lives, unless your extend your life limit to 5, with the costs of an in-app purchase. If you plan to become a Trivia master you can also purchase an Endless lives upgrade and as many coins as you need in order to make sure that you have that extra edge, when it comes to tricky questions.
Fact: If you want to lose ads you can purchase the ad-free package and play this popular quiz game untroubled!