Unable To Verify Update iOS 17 Is Temporarily Unavailable?

unable to verify update iOS 17 is temporarily unavailable

Unable to verify update iOS 17 is temporarily unavailable.

Getting the “Unable to verify update iOS 17 is temporarily unavailable” error when trying to update to the most recent iOS 17.0.1 release? Retry brings up the same popup and you’re forced to pick ‘Remind Me Later’?

Unable To Verify Update iOS 17 Error?

This issue has been reported by Alan:

“Unable to verify update. iOS 17.0.1 is temporarily unavailable! is what I get when I want to install the new release! Retry won’t help. Is there anything else besides waiting and trying later? Has the update been pulled?”

We couldn’t replicate this problem, but have found similar complaints on X (ex Twitter):

“Why do i get this message and doesn’t want to update?”

How To Fix iOS 17 Is Temporarily Unavailable

Unable to Verify update error is issues when iOS can’t connect with Apple’s server and verify the new release. This can happen because of a sudden Internet connection failure of your device, an overcrowding of Apple’s servers or a corrupt iOS 17 installation file.

Please try the following to fix it:

1. Check Apple’s Servers

Open Apple’s system status page and see if any of the services that could influence the iPhone or iPad update process are experiencing a downtime.

Fact: If it’s green across the board it means that the problem is on your device! Continue to step 2.

2. Redownload iOS 17

You’re most likely dealing with a corrupted installation file. In this case you have to do the following:

  • Browse for Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.
  • Locate and Delete the iOS 17 installation file.
  • Return to Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Redownload iOS 17.0.1 update file (or the one that’s the most recent).

Fact: Verifying the update should work now! Does it?

3. Be Patient

Even though the Apple’s System Status page might not mention an error, Apple’s servers might be overloaded and in this case the only option is to be patient and try again later.

If you do and the problem persists, please get back to us!


4. Try Wired Update

If you can’t get rid of the Unable to Verify Update error, try to update to iOS 17 with the help of a computer and the Lightning to USB cable that shipped with the device.

You need to use Finder (on Mac) or iTunes (on Windows) to update to the most recent version. More details here.

Have you managed to fix the Unable to verify Update error? Is iOS 17.0.1 still unavailable? Do you have a better solution or another problem to report? Use the comments section!

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