iOS 17.0.1 Issues, Fixes, Bugs, Problems, Changes & More

ios 17.0.1 update

iOS 17.0.1 update

iOS 17.0.1 build number 21A340 is available for iPhone XS and later! It’s a bug fixing update that promises to patch day-one glitches! It also brings security improvements! Check out everything new in this detailed review!

iOS 17.0.1 Issues

ios 17.0.1 bugs
Known issues and new bugs reported for this version are tracked here:

  • 1. Unable to Verify Update iOS 17.0.1 is temporarily unavailable error reported by Alan.
    Fix: Delete update file and redownload as shown here.
  • 2. Contact posters not working properly not updating.
  • 3. Brightness dimming automatically although the toggle is showing maximum level. Reported by this Reddit user.
    Fix: Lock and Unlock device when it happens to get brightness back to normal display levels.
  • 4. Custom tones for text messages not available, still!. Custom tones for ringtones have been added though as reported by NightHawkCA.
  • 5. Synced content storage bug hasn’t been fixed according to this Reddit user.
  • 6. Standby mode crashes iPhone 13 mini after 30 minutes of charging. Reported by gandalfgarry.
  • 7. Gray background during calls can’t be edited.
  • 8. Please update reminders error keeps showing up in Reminders.
  • 9. Namedrop not working properly not sending full info and contact posters.
  • 10. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments.)

iOS 17.0.1 Features

The release notes only mention bug fixes and security updates. No new features should be included in this release.

Any changes reported by users are highlighted here:

  • 1. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments.)

iOS 17.0.1 Bugs Fixed

The update log doesn’t detail the issues that have been addressed. A list of bugs found in iOS 17.0 can be found here. Let us know if you notice any fixes:

  • 1. Interactive Music widget is working in this version.
  • 2. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 17.0.1 Security Fixes

The security support document of this update mentions three vulnerabilities that have been patched for:


Issue: A local attacker may be able to elevate their privileges. This may have been actively exploited in versions before iOS 16.7.
Fix: The issue was fixed with improved checks.


Issue: A malicious app may be able to bypass signature validation. This may have been actively exploited in versions before iOS 16.7.
Fix: A certificat validation issue was resolved.


Issue: Processing web content may lead to arbitrary code execution. This may have been actively exploited in versions before iOS 16.7.
Fix: The issue was fixed with improved checks.

iOS 17.0.1 Download

ios 17.0.1 download
As usual, this update is available over-the-air or in Finder (Mac), iTunes (Windows):

  • 1. Open Settings -> General -> Software Update on an iPhone XS or later.
  • 2. iOS 17.0.1 should show up on the Software Update screen.
  • 3. Tap Download and Install if you run an iOS 16.x version or Update Now if you’re already running iOS 17!
  • 4. Agree with ToS, input Passcode and be patient until the new software is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and installed on your device!

Have you installed iOS 17.0.1 on iPhone? Do you notice any bug fixes or improvements? What about new issues? Have any questions? Share your feedback in the comments!

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