Use iPhone Timer To Stop Music From Playing

iphone stop music timer setup

iPhone stop Music with Timer.

Here is a very useful tip for those of you that have made a habit of falling asleep with your iPhone music on!
Using your iPhone and iOS 7 you can now set the built-in timer to stop your music player after timer elapses.
This way you can easily fall asleep and not worry that your device will be playing your favorite songs continuously until the morning.
Once you created your playlist you can start the music. Swipe for your iPhone’s “Control Center” and tap on Timer.
Choose the desired time frame to countdown from and select “Stop Playing” in the “When Timer Ends” field.
Note, that you have to scroll all the way down the menu to find the “Stop Playing” option.

All is set! You only have to press “Start” and your timer will be activated. Use your headset or simply listen with the help of your iPhone’s built-in speaker. Sleep tight and have some sweet dreams!

Video Tutorial
If you need more details, I recorded the following video tutorial about how to use your iPhone’s built-in timer to stop music from playing after a specified time frame.