Watch Youtube Videos Offline On Your iPhone

youtube videos available offline

Youtube videos available offline with Ultratube.

Here is a great trick that enables access to YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos, even when you’re iPhone isn’t connected to the Internet! Yes, happily this is possible without breaking any copyright laws. It’s a very handy feature that allows you to store and watch your favorite videos without wasting additional Internet bandwidth, whenever you wish to play them again.

Ultratube is a free App Store application that helps your iOS device to cache YouTube videos, for later watching, on your iPhone or iPad. However, videos are playable in offline mode, only through the app. They aren’t available in Camera Roll. This means that you can’t share them with your contacts, on social media or use them in any copyright infringing way.

ultratube search interfaceHow To Save Youtube Videos
First, you have to download and install Ultratube. Next, open the app and search for the desired YouTube video. Ultratube, comes with a great bonus, it allows you to simultaneously search YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, the three biggest online video platforms currently available.
You can watch the videos, share them, read comments exactly as you do within the native iOS YouTube app.

youtube video caching buttonWhenever you decide to save a video for offline watching, you need to add it to a playlist by tapping the + icon, available in the top right corner of your screen. Now, make sure that the Offline available option is enabled and select playlist. You can choose between one from the list or create a new one, by tapping a name in the Insert Title field. After you complete your selection the video will be downloaded and saved on your device. You also have the option to login to your YouTube account and import existing playlists. In fact, I recommend you to visit Settings available after you scroll down the left menu sidebar. Here you can opt for video quality (Full HD including), in accordance with your Internet connection. You can allow or deny caching when on 3G data connection and gain access to many other tweaks.

saved youtube video listTo play your saved Youtube videos , simply tap the Menu icon available in the top left corner of the Ultratube app and click a category. Now, select the desired video and it will automatically start playing. Rotate iPhone or iPad in landscape mode and enjoy spectacular HD videos.
Procedure is the same if you wish to watch saved videos offline or online. You can notice in the nearby image that videos, along with their complete details, are available for playback while device is in Airplane Mode and without an active WiFi connection.

ultratube full version upgradeUltratube Pro Benefits
Worth mentioning is that in free mode, Ultratube allows caching of no more than 10 videos, spread around in up to 3 categories. To lift this restriction we recommend you upgrade or directly purchase the pro version. The fee is small and we find this purchase worth the two bucks. Most important benefits provided by Ultratube Pro are:
– ad-free browsing within the app
– unlimited number of saved videos for offline watching
– unlimited numbers of categories