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Facebook Messenger AR World Effects.

How To Use The Facebook Messenger World Effects AR Feature

Facebook Messenger has recently adopted another feature from the Snapchat environment, by releasing the “World Effects” Augmented Reality feature. This new option allows users to add a 3D object in photos and videos that are captured or recorded within the FB Messenger app. This way you can create funny moments that can be shared with…

Apple's 'Sway' winter holiday ad screenshot.

Apple Publishes ‘Sway’ Holiday Ad To Highlight The iPhone X And The AirPods

It’s that time of the year when big companies promote their top products with the help of holiday themed ads that aim to persuade customers to go out and purchase the advertised item because it makes a great Christmas gift. Apple has a history with releasing great Winter themed ads and the Cupertino-based tech giant…

ipad pro what's a computer commercial frame

iPad Pro ‘What’s A Computer’ Ad Demos How Tablets Can Replace Computers

Apple has just published an intriguing new ad on its official YouTube channel labeled as “What’s a Computer”. The commercial features an iPad Pro running iOS 11 which helps a teenager to complete his daily tasks using just his Apple tablet and a few accessories. The video is one minute long and demos a series…

iphone x fullscreen youtube playback

YouTube App Bug Causes Massive iPhone X And iPhone 8 Battery Draining

Is your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 getting hot out of the blue? It means that one or more apps are running heavily in the background and using lots of resources. One cause could be a bug of the YouTube app for iOS. Google has recently updated its popular video platform with version 12.43….

iphone x jailbreak

iPhone X Running iOS 11.1.1 On-Stage Jailbreak Demo (Video)

Although there is a high chance that you rubbed your eyes when you saw the title, the info is true. Just one week after the launch of the iPhone X and one day after the release of iOS 11.1.1 a jailbreak demo has been made, on stage, during the POC2017 event hosted in South Korea….