watchOS 5.0.1 Is Now Available For Download

watchos 5.0.1

watchOS 5.0.1

Apple has just rolled out watchOS 5.0.1 which is the first update of the 5th watchOS generation. This release comes just 10 days after the major release and has been rushed by a few bugs that have been detected since the watchOS 5 premiered. Obviously, we’re talking about a minor update that can be installed from the Apple Watch app. In the “My Watch” tab you can tap on General -> Software Update and hit Download and Install to start the process.

Do mind, that your Apple Watch has to be connected to a charger and the battery levels should be over 50%. If you already upgraded to watchOS 5 the update will be downloaded and installed quickly. However, if your Apple Watch is still running watchOS 4 or newer, the software update will be consistent. watchOS 5.0.1 is compatible will all Apple Watch models, excepting the original one.

watchos 5.0.1 update log watchOS 5.0.1 Fixes
According to the update log this first watchOS 5 iteration brings the following patches:
– fixes a problem that caused a limited number of users to see an artificially increased number of exercise minutes;
– patches a bug that left some Apple Watch users without Stand credits in the afternoon;
– solves and issue that prevented the watchOS device from charging.

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