How To Fix iPhone XS Max Camera Auto-Focus Bug

iPhone XS Max Camera autofocus bug

iPhone XS Max Camera autofocus bug.

The iPhone XS Max is an astonishing piece of technology available for an equally impressive price. Everything from display, to performance, battery lifetime is impressible. Nevertheless, nothing is perfect in this world and neither this 6.5-inch display Apple flagship. Earlier in the week we informed you about a series of users reporting poor LTE data connectivity and we’ve also come up with a solution to increase iPhone XS & XS Max cellular data download and upload speeds.

Now, we’ve been informed about a glitch of the iPhone XS Max Camera Auto-Focus function. A few users have reported that the viewfinder starts flickering between clearness and blurriness views as soon as they open the Camera app. This bug plays on and on unless the user exists Camera mode. The issue doesn’t seem to go away by force killing the app, via App Switcher and then re-opening it from the Home Screen.

shutting down the iphone xs maxiPhone XS Max Camera Auto-Focus Bug Fix
A temporarily fix for this problem is achieved by rebooting the iOS device. Press & hold the Side button + one of the Volume Buttons until the “slide to power off” prompt comes up. Perform the gesture and turn off the device. Wait for a couple of seconds and long-press the Side Button to power it back ON. Open the Camera app and everything should be fine now. However, the bug might re-occur.

Fact: This issue is new and Apple hasn’t addressed it. We’re not sure if it’s a bug that can be corrected with a software update, or if it’s something hardware related and effected users have to visit the Apple Store and ask for a replacement unit. Either way stay tuned as we will keep you posted.

Tip: In the meantime you can upgrade your Apple Watch to watchOS 5.0.1. The first bug fixes for the wrist-worn device have been issued. iOS 12.0.1 looms at the horizon for sure is now available for download!