100 Apps That Request To Track On iPhone (iOS 14.5)

100 Apps That Request To Track

100 Apps That Request To Track

Apple has released the Allow Apps to Request to Track feature starting with iOS 14.5. However, a series of iPhone users complain that the setting is greyed out for them, and they’re unable to use it. Below you can find a list of early adopters: apps that have been updated with this option and are asking for permission to be able to track you across other companies’ apps and websites.

100 iOS Apps That Request To Track

1. Adidas Running
2. Adidas Training
3. Alarmy
4. Amperes Lite
5. AOL
6. AP News
7. Audacy
8. Backdrops
9. Battery Saver
10. BBC News1
11. Bloomberg
12. Bring!
13. Britbox
14. Buddywatch
15. Call of Duty Mobile
16. CBC Gem
17. CBC News
18. Charging play
19. CNBC
21. Cosurf
22. craigslist
23. Crunchyroll
24. DHGate
25. Dictionary.com
26. Direct TV
27. Discovery+
28. Dolby On
29. Dunkin’
30. Ebay
31. ESPN
32. Eventbrite
33. Everpix
34. Evil Nun 2
35. Exif
36. Experian
37. F1 Manager
38. F1 Mobile Racing
39. Facebook
40. Foursquare
41. Gaana
42. GCash
43. Genshin Impact
44. Granny Chapter 2
45. Grindr
46. GuruShots
47. Hilton Honors
48. Hoop
49. Hulu
50. Hungama
51. ibisPaintX
52. InShot
53. Instagram
54. intoLive
55. Intuit Mint
57. Kohl’s
58. Legends of Runeterra
59. Lidl Plus
60. Macy’s
61. Magnus Trainer
62. Marktplaats
63. Mein Magenta
64. Melon VPN
65. MHRise Companion
66. MLB
67. Motionleap
68. Movzy
69. Mymacca (McDonald’s)
70. NBA
71. NBC News
72. Nextdoor
73. NFL
74. Outdoor Active
75. Over
76. Paper.io 3D
77.Photo Widget
78. PicsArt
79. Pixiv
80. Pixlr
81. Plants vs Zombies 2
82. Play Magnus
83. RainViewer
84. RaiPlay
85. Rakuten
86. Real Racing 3
87. Reddit
88. Reuters
89. Revel
90. SkipTheDishes
91. Snapchat
92. SpeedSmart
93. Spotify
94. Sticker Maker
95. StockX
96. Sudoku ME
97. Support wireguard
98. Sweatcoin
99. Tanken
100. Temple Run
101. The Weather Network
102. TikTok
103. Tomb of the Mask
104. TooGoodToGo
105. Uber
106. Uber Eats
107. Unblock any content
108. Uphold
109. Venmo
110. Videoland
111. Water Sort Puzzle
112. WideVPN
113. Wordreference
114. WWE
115. Xiaomi home
116. Yahoo Mail
117. Yelp
118. Zedge
119. To be updated…

Partial Source: Reddit. Do you want to add an app to the list? Use the comments section and mention it!

How To Enable Request To Track

How To Enable Allow Apps to Request to Track
If your iPhone runs iOS 14.5 or later you can enable the Allow Apps to Request to Track feature from Settings. Browse for Privacy and open Tracking. Here you can tap the appropriate toggle to enable this option.

Fact: Apps that have already requested tracking permission are displayed in a list on the Tracking page, no matter if you granted permission or not. An On/Off toggle is available next to the app’s name that allows you to change the status.

Allow Apps To Request To Track Greyed Out?

If this new feature is inactive, the ON/OFF switch is unresponsive, check the following:
– Your Apple ID is brand new (created within the last 3 days). Apparently the new account needs a bit of aging before the feature becomes active.
– There is a Configuration Profile installed on your iPhone that might limit tracking. You can check this in Settings -> General. Scroll all the way down. If a Profile is installed on your device, it will be displayed next to Legal & Regulatory.
– You are not 18-years-old yet and this is confirmed by the birthdate set up with your Apple ID. If you are under the age of 18 apps aren’t allowed to track you.
– Sign Out and log back into your Apple ID after updating to iOS 14.5.1.
– Enable the Personalised Ads option in Settings -> Privacy -> Apple Advertising.

Fact: Apparently, if the apps that support Request to Track are already installed on your device, they won’t ask for permission unless you uninstall them and install them back.

Conclusion: Is the Allow Apps to Request to Track working for you? Use the comments section available below and let us know!

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