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privacy access history apps stuck

Unknown Apps In Privacy Access History Won’t Go Away? (Fix!)

Apps listed in Privacy Access History won’t go away? Some of them are unknown and not even installed on your iPhone but they seem to track you continuously? Here is what you can do to fix it!…

apple music not opening ios 16

Apple Music Not Opening in iOS 16? Apple TV Won’t Work Too?

Apple Music not opening on iPhone after iOS 16.1.2 update? Same unexpected behavior occurs with Apple TV? Apps not loading or crashing on startup? Here is what you can do to fix this!…

live activities app on lock screen

50 Live Activities Apps iOS 16.1 (Sports, Trackers, Timers)

Live Activities have been introduced in iOS 16.1 allowing you to track various events, deliveries, timers and more. All that you have to do is install on your iPhone a third-party app that has been already updated with Live Activities support and start using it….

iOS 16 allow paste popup

iOS 16 Allow Paste Popup? Would Like To Paste From? (Fix!)

Are you annoyed by frequent iOS 16 Allow Paste requests? Popup asks if you would like to paste from and app to the other, even when data is imported between stock iOS applications? Here is what you can do about it!…

reinstall app on iPhone

How To Reinstall App On iPhone Without Losing Data (Bug Fix)

Do you know that you can reinstall apps on iPhone without losing data? This iOS feature is called app offloading and is very helpful when you need to fresh install an application that crashes, glitches out or doesn’t work as expected….