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App Library Bug in iOS 14

How To Fix App Library Bug That Lists All Apps In ‘Other’ Category?

The App Library is a new iOS 14 feature that provides an one-page layout of all the apps available on your iPhone. The applications are automatically assigned to predefined categories that are displayed in small widgets! This is quite helpful and helps with Home Screen decluttering! Unfortunately, an iOS 14 bug is causing some iPhones…

5 ways to fix Widgetsmith

5 Ways To Fix Widgetsmith Grey Screen, Black Screen, No Data Errors On iPhone & iPad

Home Screen widgets have become very popular since last week’s release of iOS 14. Widgetsmith is one of the most popular apps that provides custom widgets for iPhone and iPad….

third-party home screen widgets in iOS 14

100 Third-Party Home Screen Widgets For iPhone In iOS 14

One of the most important changes coming in iOS 14 are the Home Screen widgets. Apple as updated most of the stock iPhone apps with widgets, but also allows developers to add widget functionality to third-party iOS apps. To get them you have to update all your downloaded apps, in the App Store, and check…

iOS 14 App Store app updates

This Is The First Thing That You Have To Do After Updating To iOS 14

iOS 14 has been released by Apple and is available for all compatible iPhones. After you download and install it on your device, you have to provide your Passcode, go through the initial configuration screens and you’re ready to go….

download apps to App Library iOS 14

How To Stop Apps From Downloading To Home Screen In iOS 14

iOS 14 includes a new App Library section that organizes your apps in one single page for easier and quicker access. This has been introduced to help you unclog your iPhone Home Screen. Additionally, you have the option to stop (prevent) apps from downloading to the Home Screen. Instead, you can have them available only…