Siri Doesn’t Speak Responses On iPhone? How To Troubleshoot!

Siri doesn't speak on iPhone

Siri doesn’t speak on iPhone?

Is Siri not speaking out responses on iPhone? Are the replies only displayed on the screen? This issue can be caused by a restrictive iOS setting or by a recent bug that has been reported starting with the release of iOS 14.5!

iOS 14.5 Siri Bug

A series of readers have reported that ever since they’ve updated to iOS 14.5, Siri fails to speak out the responses. To be more precise, the virtual assistant is only speaking the first word of a reply and is automatically muted for the rest of the phrase. This behavior is also confirmed for iOS 14.5.1, which is an incremental update of iOS 14.5.

Tip: Until we get a software update for this glitch, make sure that Siri Captions are enabled on your device. This way your iPhone will display Siri’s answers on the screen. If you can’t hear them you can at least read what your virtual assistant intended to say.
Siri Captions Settings
How To: Open Settings and browse for Siri & Search -> Siri Responses. Enable Always Show Siri Captions!

Fact: Apparently, this bug is occurring mostly for iPhone 11 owners! We’re not sure how spread out the issue is, because we couldn’t replicate it on our own devices. If Siri is muted on your device too, don’t hesitate to inform use! Use the comments section available at the end of this article! Please mention your iPhone model and iOS version.

Siri Doesn’t Speak Out Responses In Silent Mode

If the above mentioned bug is not the culprit of your Siri problem, you should check your iOS settings. By default, Siri is set to automatically mute itself when the iPhone is in Silent mode. So, if it doesn’t speak out the answers check if your iPhone silenced.
Turn On Siri Spoken Responses
Tip: You can set Siri to always speak out, even when the Silent switch is switched On. To achieve this, browse for Settings -> Siri & Search -> Siri Responses. Select Always from the Spoken Responses category.

Conclusion: iOS 14.5 brings a series of enhancements to Siri including:
– diverse voice options,
– the ability to announce incoming calls even when you’re wearing your AirPods or compatible Beats headphones,
– the option to initiate Group FaceTime calls via groups from Messages or contact lists,
– the ability to call Emergency contacts!

However, a bug has also managed to hit the spotlights and mutes Siri. Are you also encountering it? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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