Allow Apps To Request To Track Grayed Out In Settings (iOS 14.3)

Allow Apps to Request to Track greyed out

‘Allow Apps to Request to Track’ greyed out!

Is ‘Allow Apps to Request to Track’ grayed out on your iPhone? Privacy Tracking is a new iOS 14 feature that allows apps to ask for tracking permissions across apps and websites owned by other companies. However, it seems that a bug or geographical restrictions make this feature unavailable.

‘Allow Apps to Request to Track’ Greyed Out

As with any other iOS setting, when the option is grayed out it means that it’s unavailable, thus the feature is inactive, as if nonexistent.
This means that it’s not touch sensitive and can’t be enabled or disabled!
Tip: To check if you’re in the same boat browse for Settings -> Privacy -> Tracking and inspect the Allow Apps to Request to Track option. Is it interactive or the toggle won’t turn ON?

How To Fix Privacy Tracking Grayed Out

Updated (May 13, 2021): Allow Apps to Request to Track continues to be greyed out for some users even after the public release with iOS 14.5 We’ve pinpointed 5 reasons that could cause this feature to be unavailable on your iPhone. Check them out here!

If you’ve rebooted your iPhone, your device is running the latest iOS release (iOS 14.3) and the feature is inactive, there’s not much else that you can do. Most likely, Apple has intentionally disabled this feature for the region that you live in.

Fact: Apps are required to update with support with this Privacy Tracking feature by early 2021, when it becomes mandatory. This feature is already live, but the tracking permission popup is still optional for app developers to embed.

How Does iOS 14 Privacy Tracking Work?

how to enable app tracking transparency in iOS 14
When the feature is ON, apps are allowed to prompt you for permission to be tracked across apps and website owned by other companies. You have the option to Allow Tracking or to ask the app not to track.
Important: Apple doesn’t guarantee that the third-party app won’t track you even though you refused to provide consent.
When the Allow Apps to Request to Track setting is disabled the apps will be informed by default that you’re not allowing them to track you!

Fact: We couldn’t replicate the ‘Allow Apps to Request to Track’ grayed out issue on our own devices, but we’ve got several reports from
Europe based users.

Is this Privacy Tracking greyed out for you too? Did you have any success fixing it? Use the comments section and share it with us? Please mention your country or region to help us figure out if this is a location based issue or there’s something else in the middle.

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