2 Ways To Pair Apple Watch With iPhone

pair apple watch with iphone

Pair Apple Watch with iPhone.

With more and more Apple Watches starting to find their place on the users wrists, it’s time to talk about why and how to pair this revolutionary gadget with your iPhone. With pairing we understand a wireless connection that facilitates continuous data exchange between the two terminals.

Bluetooth wireless technology is used to link the Watch to the iPhone, while WiFi connection is there to complement this fruitful bond. Both smartphone and smartwatch have to be connected to the same WiFi hotspot, in order to be able to send data via the wireless network.

Can I use Apple Watch without owning an iPhone?
Yes, you can own this smartwatch even if you don’t pair it to your portable iOS device, however you won’t be able to enjoy all its revolutionary features. The Apple Watch isn’t able to engage in phone calls or send/receive messages as a standalone gadget. It needs a bridge to smartphone in order to unlock these impressive features. With Apple being the product developer, it’s obvious why only iPhones can be used to pair the watch too. Do mind, that not all models work! You need at least an iPhone 5 running iOS 8.2 or newer version.

How To Pair Watch With iPhone
If the above criteria is met, there is no reason for you not to go on and link your smartwatch with your iOS gadget. Find the Apple Watch app on your iPhone’s home screen and open it. Now, you have two ways to pair your smartwatch: automatically or manually.
A. Automatic Pairing
apple watch automatic pairing using iphone cameraThe automatic method is the primary linking option and the more spectacular of the two.
1. After you unbox the wearable gadget, tap & hold the side button until the Apple logo pops up.
2. Go on and pick your language. Use the digital crown to scroll between selections.
3. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on Start Pairing.
4. The camera viewfinder is now displayed on your smartphone’s screen. Position the watch about 6 inches behind your iPhone so that it can read the cloud-like animated QR code displayed on the smartwatch’s screen.

That’s it, congrats, your Watch is now paired! However, it can seldom happen for the scan not to end with a positive result. In this case please proceed with manual pairing.

B. Manual Pairing
Don’t panic! This linking method is also super easy and can’t fail! Repeat steps from 1 to 3, as described in the automatic pairing section.
Now, please tap the “i” icon available in the top right corner of your smartwatch’s display. It provides you information about your Watch’s name. It should look something like “Apple Watch 12345”.
Return to your iPhone and tap the corresponding name in the list showing the list of devices that your smartphone can be paired with. Now, a 6-digit code is displayed on your Apple Watch. Simply enter the code on your iPhone’s prompt and voila, you’re paired!

apple watch name info icon
apple watch code for manual pairing

Get back to your iPhone and get over a few more easy setup screen’s like Location Services, Siri, Diagnostics and Apple Watch Passcode. After you complete them the syncing process starts. Do mind that it can take a while, usually around 20 minutes. So keep your devices plugged-in, in the same room with Bluetooth ON. Apps available on iPhone and compatible with the smartwatch are automatically installed as well as playlists and much more. Enjoy the Watch!

How To Unpair Apple Watch
If at some point you decide to sell or switch your wrist gadget, you have to unpair it from your iPhone. This will help you to erase all data. You can achieve deleting by opening the Apple Watch app on your iOS device. Browse to My Watch -> Apple Watch -> Unpair Apple Watch. Now, tap on Unpair [name of your watch]. The wrist gadget will be also deleted from your iCloud account