Read The Official Apple Watch User Guide

apple watch user guide

Apple Watch User Guide.

If you were a performer on April 10 and managed to be among the first batch of Apple Watch orders, today you feel like celebrating Christmas, New Year and Easter all in one! Every moment now, your door bell might ring and you’ll get your hands on Apple’s revolutionary smartwatch. However, this article is focused for all first time Apple Watch users. Basically all of us that opted to purchase Apple’s 1st generation wrist gadget.

In the past few weeks you surly browsed the web and informed yourself from A to Z about all features and functions of Apple’s wrist-held device. Now I ask you, are you ready to own it? No matter how “Born ready!” you feel yourself this innovative piece of technology comes with a lot of new settings. It’s the 1st generation of a new gadget and everyone has to at least skim the owner’s manual!

Apple have made available the official Watch User Guide in the nick of time, for those of us with April 24th delivery dates. However, the manual is not available for download on iBooks or iTunes yet. To consult it, please tap on this official Apple Watch User Guide link. It redirects you to’s help section. The only location where the user manual is currently available.

Watch User Guide Table of Contents
apple watch user guide home screenHere you can use the Search field, to look up for a certain feature, or simply take each chapter at a time and lecture all settings and commands which come with this wrist-held gadget. You should obviously browse:
– and begin with Get Started section. Learn how to pair the device with your iPhone and set it up;
– next inform yourself about the Basics and see how to organize apps, get in touch with friends, handoff between the Watch and iPhone and much more;
Watch Faces follows with info regarding everything that you need to know in order to be able to customize the smartwatch’s display;
Notifications teaches you how to customize, respond to live or unread alerts.;
Glances is a new feature introduced with the Watch;

Other important Apple Watch User Guide categories include: Timekeeping, Digital Touch, Messages, Mail, Phone Calls, Calendars and Reminders, Health And Fitness, Apple Pay and Passbook, Maps and Directions, Music, Remote Control, Photos, Camera Remote, Stock Weather, Accessibility and Related Settings, Safety, Handling and Support.

You’ll be surprised that, as with the iPhone, the Apple Watch comes with many more tricks that aren’t included in the user’s guide. A short example, would be the how to print screen feature, that we didn’t find a solution for in the official manual. That’s why we encourage you to bookmark and visit, daily, and get the most of your iOS and watchOS devices!