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apple watch yellow screen issue

Apple Watch Screen Flashing Yellow After Wrist Removal? Fix?

Is your Apple Watch flashing yellow after you remove it from your wrist? The yellow flicker is random and lasts only for a brief moment? Everything else works normal? Watch is updated to the most recent watchOS 10 release? You’re not the only one affected!…

Messenger on Apple watch not working

Messenger On Apple Watch Not Available, Not Working?

Facebook will discontinue Messenger on Apple Watch! The instant messaging app will remain available for iPhone and iPad! You’ll still be able to receive notifications on your watchOS device, however, without being able to reply though!…

microsoft authenticator not working apple watch

Microsoft Authenticator Not Working On Apple Watch?[Warning]

Is Microsoft Authenticator not working on Apple Watch anymore? You’re not able to sign into your Microsoft personal, work or school accounts directly from your wrist? That’s because Microsoft will discontinue support for watchOS devices!…

card not working on Apple Watch

Credit Card Not Working On Apple Watch (Fixed!)

Is your credit card not working on Apple Watch? You’re trying to add it to the Wallet app on the watchOS device but get the ‘You must be signed into iCloud’ error? This happens because, most likely, you’re not signed with your Apple ID on the watch….

Apple Watch calories not accurate

How To Fix Apple Watch Calories Not Accurate After Workout

Is the Apple Watch calorie count not accurate after workout? Are the Total Calories way too high or much lower than what you expected? This issue is most of the times related to wrong profile settings on your watchOS device….