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card not working on Apple Watch

Credit Card Not Working On Apple Watch (Fixed!)

Is your credit card not working on Apple Watch? You’re trying to add it to the Wallet app on the watchOS device but get the ‘You must be signed into iCloud’ error? This happens because, most likely, you’re not signed with your Apple ID on the watch….

Apple Watch calories not accurate

How To Fix Apple Watch Calories Not Accurate After Workout

Is the Apple Watch calorie count not accurate after workout? Are the Total Calories way too high or much lower than what you expected? This issue is most of the times related to wrong profile settings on your watchOS device….

Move ring not working

How To Fix Move Ring Not Working On Apple Watch

Is the Move ring not working on Apple Watch? You’re moving but the green ring isn’t closing at all? Other Activity Rings update normally, it’s just the green one that’s not moving? Here is what you can do about it!…

Timer not working on Apple Watch

Timer Not Working On Apple Watch: Siri Can’t Find The App

Is the Timer not working on Apple Watch when you ask Siri to set it? Are you informed that ‘You don’t have the timer app installed’ error? You’re prompted to ‘Install Timer’ although the Timer software is definitely installed on your watchOS device?…

Apple Watch Battery Health degrading fast

Apple Watch Battery Health Decreasing Fast? (Share Numbers)

Is the Apple Watch battery decreasing fast? Design capacity has degraded significantly in a short period of time? We’ve analyzed a series of reports and got mixed data, but it seems that the Apple Watch battery aging curve is much more accentuated when compared to iPhone. Are you experiencing the same?…