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New Google Maps on Apple Watch

Google Maps For Apple Watch Is Back In 2020

Google Maps for Apple Watch has been revamped and relaunched by Google, to better integrate with the watchOS environment. It provides turn-by-turn directions for navigation by car, bike, public transit or on foot. ETAs that help you know when you can expect to reach your destination are also included. Google Maps for watchOS has been…

Apple Watch Yoga Day Challenge award

Apple Watch Yoga Day Challenge Awards Medal And Stickers

Today, Sunday, June the 21st is the International Day of Yoga and if you’re an Apple Watch Activity Awards collector you might surly be looking to add one more medal to your trophy list. All that you have to do is perform a 20 minute long yoga session, while wearing your Apple Watch, of course….

The Apple Watch Fall Detection feature

How To Enable The Apple Watch Fall Detection Feature

If you own the Apple Watch Series 4 or later you might already know that your smartwatch is equipped with a potential life-saving feature called Fall Detection. Thanks to the new hardware additions, accelerometer and gyroscope your Apple smartwatch is able to detect if you collapse to the ground and check if you’re OK or…

man performing an ecg on apple watch 4

How To Perform An ECG With The Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the first smartwatch ever that is able to perform an ECG reading, that you can instantly share with your doctor if needed! This is yet another potential life saving feature that has been added to Apple’s popular wrist-worn device. Let’s take a look at the requirements, the setup and…

how to enable apple watch screenshots

How To Enable Screenshots On Your Apple Watch

Are you trying to print the screen of your Apple Watch but the screenshot feature doesn’t seem to work? This issue is reported by a lot of new Apple smartwatch owners. Differently from your iPhone, the wrist-worn device doesn’t come with the print-screen feature enabled by default. Every time you click the Home Button combined…