3 Tips To Fix The AT&T Dropped Calls / Busy Network Issue

at&t voice call downtime

AT&T voice call downtime.

AT&T is currently experiencing network problems across the United States and a series of readers have just mailed us and informed that they can’t dial or receive calls on iPhones running with the Dallas-based carrier. Those that do manage to start a conversation have high chances of experiencing a dropped call along the way. Incoming calls are automatically redirected to voicemail while most of the dialed ones are receiving the busy network tone.

So, if you’re on AT&T don’t panic. The company is aware about the voice call service downtime and is working to solve it. In the meantime, if you urgently need to reach a family member use Apple’s FaceTime or FaceTime audio options, two free VoIP calling services that require your iPhone to have an active Internet connection. Connect to a Wi-Fi hotpot and avoid the LTE connectivity if possible. Other third party options to dial contacts from outside the iOS environment are video or audio calls via the WhatsApp, Skype or Facebook Messenger platforms!

Tips To Fix For The AT&T Voice Call Downtime
1. Airplane Mode: Enable/disable Airplane Mode in an attempt to connect and reconnect your smartphone to a nearby AT&T antenna. Try to dial after the signal bars get filled up again.
2. Force Restart: Some users have reported that the issue is fixed with a hard reboot of their iPhones.
3. Enable LTE: on your iPhone to force the voice calls to go through the 4G network. This is achieved in the Settings app. Browse for Cellular -> Cellular Data Options -> Enable LTE. Tap the Data Only selection!

Update: AT&T acknowledges the nationwide outage and provides the fix already mentioned above:
"We are aware of an issue affecting some users’ ability to make certain wireless calls. These users should restart their devices, which should resolve the issue."

Fact: Stay tuned as we’ll update this article as soon as new info is available!