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chatgpt voice free on iphone

How To Use ChatGPT Voice Free On iPhone And Other Devices

You can use ChatGPT voice free on iPhone and any other iOS or Android device. Greg Brockman, the Co-Founder of OpenAi, has recently announced that voice chat has rolled out as a free feature for all users!…

siri voice too loud

Siri Voice Too Loud? Looking For Siri Whisper Mode? [How To]

Are you finding the Siri voice too loud at night and in the morning when you wake up? You want to your virtual assistant to speak quietly? Are you looking for a Siri whisper mode similar to Amazon’s Alexa?…

How to command Siri to open the Home screen

How To Return To The iPhone Home Screen Hands-Free

Not sure if this will help you or not, but we’ve recently discovered that Siri is now able to open the Home Screen for you. This is useful when you need to get back to the main iOS screen without using your hands. Of course that the feature works hand-in-hand with the “Hey Siri” feature….

at&t voice call downtime

3 Tips To Fix The AT&T Dropped Calls / Busy Network Issue

AT&T is currently experiencing network problems across the United States and a series of readers have just mailed us and informed that they can’t dial or receive calls on iPhones running with the Dallas-based carrier. Those that do manage to start a conversation have high chances of experiencing a dropped call along the way. Incoming…

how to ask siri a question on iphone x

How To Invoke Siri On The iPhone X

So, you just upgraded to the iPhone Ten and are looking for a way to wake up Siri and command your way through the iOS environment. Of course, that you can’t use the traditional Home button double-click command because, obviously, there is no Home key available. The iPhone X’s gorgeous edge-to-edge OLED display leaves no…