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screen unresponsive during calls ios 16

Screen Unresponsive During Calls? Unable To End Call: iOS 16

Is your iPhone screen unresponsive during calls? Are you unable to end call after iOS 16 update? Taps and button presses not recognized? Call ends only when the conversation partner hangs up? You’re not alone!…

Apple Watch calling 911 by itself

How To Fix Apple Watch Calling 911 By Itself (Emergency SOS)

Is your Apple Watch calling 911 by itself? The Emergency SOS feature is triggered when the user presses and holds the Side Button for 5 seconds. Visual and acoustic signals, along with a countdown are played to make you aware that an emergency call is about to happen….

AirPods Pro microphone cutting out

AirPods Pro Microphone Cutting Out During Calls (Fix?!)

Is the AirPods Pro microphone cutting out during calls after 4C165 firmware update? Does the microphone stop working unexpectedly in the middle of the call and resumes working a couple of seconds later? The downtime is long enough for your call partner to mention that he/she is not able to hear you anymore?…

ring volume low in iOS 15.1

Incoming Calls Ring Volume Too Low On iPhone In iOS 15.1 Beta 2

Is the incoming calls ring volume too low on iPhone after updating to iOS 15.1 Beta 2? This appears to be a new bug that makes alerts on your device difficult to hear, although the Volume is turned up to the maximum. Restarting iPhone doesn’t seem to help?…

fix announce calls on iPhone

How To Fix Siri Announce Calls Not Working On iPhone

Is the announce calls feature not working on your iPhone? You’ve checked all the settings but Siri still doesn’t speak out the name of the caller when your device starts ringing? You’re not the first to experience this issue! In this article we showcase the most probable reasons as well as common troubleshooting steps!…