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iPhone 12 Short Code SMS Fix

How To Fix Short Code SMS Texts Not Working On iPhone 12

You’ve recently updated to the new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro and aren’t receiving short code SMS texts on your new device? You’re not the only one! A series of users from AT&T and T-Mobile have experienced this problem too. The issue seems to occur when a brand new SIM card is used with the…

how to fix iPhone 12 No Service issue

How To Fix iPhone 12 No Service Problem (Poor Cellular Signal)

A couple of readers have mailed us to report that the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro flagships are displaying the No Service status bar message! The problem is that this issue occurs when the new flagships are used in areas where older iPhone models did not experience cellular coverage problems….

How to fix Personal Hotspot on iPhone

How To Fix Personal Hotspot Not Working In iOS 14

You’ve updated to iOS 14 and can’t find the option to use your iPhone as a Personal Hotspot for your Mac, or any other smart device? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This is a common occurrence and troubleshooting is pretty straightforward….

iPhone XS running Dual SIM feature.

How To Use Dual SIM Feature With iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max

The 2018 iPhone flagships are the first iOS devices that come with Dual SIM functionality, a feature requested for a long time by many users and potential customers. There are a lot of smartphone fans that have hesitated to switch from Android to iOS just because they use two phone numbers and don’t want to…

how to purchase an unlocked iphone x from apple online store

Unlocked iPhone X Now Available For Sale On Apple’s Online Store

Apple has just made available the option to purchase the iPhone X unlocked, without a carrier activation required, from its online store via Apple.com or the iOS Apple Store app. Until now, iPhone ‘Ten’ buyers had to pick their carrier when ordering the flagship and the device shipped as locked on the chosen network. This…