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Tag: Carrier

iphone conference call menu

How To Dial And Manage A Conference Call From iPhone

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to engage in a call that has multiple participants. This is called a conference call and is a conversation that is very easy to set up. Group calling is useful whenever you have important business decisions to take, or more common when you want to reunite…

iphone 7 missing status bar on lock screen

Rare iOS 10 Lock Screen Bug Makes Status Bar Disappear

In rare cases, iPhones running iOS 10.3 experience a small Lock Screen glitch that prevents the status bar from displaying when the screen is Passcode protected. Neither the Battery percentage indicator, Wi-Fi connectivity icon, Bluetooth symbol or the carrier service bar are displayed, leaving the top area completely blank. Did you ever notice this on…

AT&T Chinese Message encoding error on iPhone

4 Tips To Get Around The AT&T Chinese Messages Issue On iPhone And Any Other Smartphone

If you’re an AT&T customer don’t be surprised if you start receiving texts filled up with Chinese symbols. I’m not talking here about the already famous Chinese iMessage phishing scam that tricks you to expose your Apple ID credentials and then speculates the security breach, to spam your iOS contacts with texts that promote Asiatic…

Cannot connect to App Store iPhone error.

How To Get Past The “Cannot Connect To App Store” Error

Although this isn’t a new issue, caused by a delicate iTunes & App Store Setting, we still receive a lot of requests from our readers about how to get past the “Cannot Connect To App Store” error screen. This unwanted message is displayed, on your iPhone, if you attempt to open the App Store and…