How To Fix The Disappearing Battery Indicator Glitch On iPhone X

iphone x battery indicator issue

iPhone X hiding Battery indicator (icon) issue.

This article is not about the missing remaining battery percentage from the iPhone X status bar. This value is intentionally hidden by iOS 11, because of the lack of space caused by the notch! I’m covering now a strange behavior that started surfacing today for a series of iPhone ‘Ten’ owners. They experience a sudden disappearance of the actual battery icon, from the right ‘ear’. Most likely this is an iOS 11 glitch that could be triggered when you close the Control Center card.

Remember, the the Control Center, on the iPhone X, view is set to bring back the remaining battery percentage, to the status bar. The values appear as soon as you swipe-down from the right ‘horn’. The percentages hide once you exit the Control Center. This true / false condition could be mistakenly triggered by an iOS 11 bug for the battery icon too, causing it to vanish from the top-right corner of the iPhone X display.

2 Ways To Fix The Hiding iPhone X Battery Indicator

iphone x battery icon glitch demo

iPhone X battery icon glitch demo.

1. Play With Control Center
As mentioned above this issue often occurs when you close the Control Center. If the battery icon disappears, try to reach for the Control Center again. Open and close it, several times to see if the glitch is bypassed.

2. Restart Device
If the first option doesn’t work you have to restart your iPhone X. Either turn it off and power it back on or perform the force restart trick, for a quicker procedure. After the device reboots you should notice the remaining battery icon displaying again in the status bar.

Fact: We’ve contacted Apple regarding this glitch. An official replay will be update here once available. A software update might be needed to permanently patch the glitch, the same way iOS 11.1.1 was released to fix the annoying keyboard autocorrect bug.