5 iOS Apps To Celebrate Earth Day 2015

earth day 2015

Earth Day 2015.

Starting with 1970, April 22 has been known as the official Earth Day. It’s the day when we humans celebrate Terra, raise awareness about our planet and perform all kind of activities to help us preserve Earth. The tribute has reached, this year, its 45th anniversary and boasts itself with worldwide recognition.

We, here at iPhoneTricks.org, want to contribute to the celebration. This is why we’ve set up a list with iOS apps that can help you get in the sustainability grove and make you an active member of the 2015 Earth Day hype. We’ve also took the liberty to share some useful iTunes Books, that should keep you busy until the next anniversary.

If you’re too busy with your everyday task, try to at least inform yourself about or planet and learn to live more efficient in those few minutes of relaxing time that you spend on your iPhone! Contribute to preserving the globe and allow the upcoming generations to enjoy this world as we do!

iOS Apps To Celebrate Earth Day
1. Global Air Quality (FREE) – To get you started, here is an app that provides real time air pollution values in over 3000 cities from 54 countries of the world. This will keep you aware about the air quality in your region and also inform you about other places that you intend to visit or consider moving in.

2. Joulebug (FREE) – A free App Store app that promotes living green and makes your life more sustainable. You earn points every time you take a small action that helps “Saving the Planet”. You get motivated by a direct competition with your friends and even by the promise that you can save up to $200 per year, in utility bills and other supplies, by living green. Give it a try, at least today, because it’s Earth’s Day!

3. Earth Now (FREE) – Download this NASA app that shows you Earth’s vitals. It includes extended information about the globe’s recent climate evolution. You can find out interesting data as: sea level variations, gravity oscillations, surface air temperature as well as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and water vapor levels. Info is nicely charted, mapped and structured in an user-friendly interface.

4. Seafood Watch (FREE) – Inform yourself about seafood sustainability and know what ocean-friendly nourishment is available at your local restaurant, before ordering your next meal. Food from the sea is considered sustainable when it’s fished or collected in ways that have a low impact on the ocean’s health, in order to ensure availability for the upcoming generations.

5. Nat Geo View (FREE) – I highly recommend this daily news digest from National Geographic. You’ll be updated with impressive pictures, Earth’s News, amazing stories and much more impressive info about our planet. If you want to read something interesting about Terra, here you’re guaranteed to find high quality content worth reading!

iTunes Books Recommended for Earth Day
Those of you that are used to lecture books before going to sleep, or during a relaxing Sunday afternoon here are a few, suitable for Earth’s Day, that I recommend you to read:
This Changes Everything (Capitalism vs the Climate), by Naomi Klein
Fast Food Nation (The Dark Side of the All-America Meal), by Eric Schlosser
Earth: The Sequel (The Race To Reinvent Energy), by Miriam Horn and Fred Krupp
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (Our Year of Seasonal Eating), by Barbara Kingslover
Gaia (A New Look at Life on Earth), by James Lovelock