AirPods 5A377 Firmware Update: Fixes, Issues & More (APro 2)

AirPods Pro 2 5A377 firmware

AirPods Pro 2 5A377 firmware

Apple has released Airpods 5a377 firmware update for the AirPods Pro 2! This is a minor day-one rollout that includes bug fixes and improvements to firmware 5A374 that’s pre-installed on the new premium wireless earphones that will launch tomorrow!

AirPods 5A377 Firmware Not Updating?

Just to be clear this update is available only for the 2nd generation AirPods Pro. All other models won’t detect it and won’t be able to upgrade!

How To Update To AirPods 5A377

If you’re an early adopter you should know that AirPods firmware updates are installed automatically. However, you can rush the update if you apply the following tips.

Check The Current Firmware

airpods pro firmware version ios 16

  • Connect AirPods to your iPhone. Place them in your ears and you should hear the turn ON chime.
  • In iOS 16 they’re available at the top of the Settings menu. Tap on the name.
  • Scroll to the About section and tap on Version.
  • Tip: If 5A374 shows up, it means that they haven’t updated!

Here is what to do:
airpods pro updating firmware

  • 1. With AirPods connected to the iPhone, bring them in the case, keep the lid open and connect the case to a power unit.
  • 2. Close the lid and be patient until the AirPods reach 100% charge.
  • 3. Open the the lid, connect to iPhone and check the firmware version. Are you seeing 5A377 now?

AirPods 5A377 Bugs Fixed

Apple hasn’t shared any Developer release notes for this update. However, because the firmware was released alongside watchOS 9.0.1 we might be dealing with the same addressed issue.

I’m talking about the glitch that was causing distorted audio during phone calls, which has also been patched as a day-one release for the Apple Watch Ultra!

AirPods 5A377 Features?

The watchOS 9.0.1 release notes also include improvements without mentioning anything. This are most likely under-the-hood changes. We’re not expecting any new features to be included in this update.

AirPods 5A377 Issues

Below you can find a list of problems alongside with available workarounds for this version:

  • To be updated!

Have you updated AirPods Pro 2 to firmware 5A377? What’s your feedback? Encountering any errors or issues? Don’t hesitate to share them and ask for help in the comments!

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