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iOS 11.2 Public beta 4 Software Update.

4th iOS 11.2 Developer And Public Betas Now Available For Update

Apple has just rolled out iOS 11.2 Beta 4 for both Developers and Public beta testers, only 4 days after the third beta release and a full three weeks since the start of the iOS 11.2 beta testing campaign. Today’s firmware upgrade has build number 15K5102a (Public version) and 15C5110b (Developer edition). We’re already deep…

iphone x fullscreen youtube playback

YouTube App Bug Causes Massive iPhone X And iPhone 8 Battery Draining

Is your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 getting hot out of the blue? It means that one or more apps are running heavily in the background and using lots of resources. One cause could be a bug of the YouTube app for iOS. Google has recently updated its popular video platform with version 12.43….

ios 11.1.1 software update

iOS 11.1.1 Released To Fix The iPhone And iPad Keyboard Autocorrect Bug

As I predicted on Saturday, when we provided a temporary fix that required a text replacement shortcut, Apple has just released iOS 11.1.1 to patch the annoying Keyboard autocorrect bug that was automatically changing any “i” typed on an iPhone and iPad to an “A” with a symbol. The Cupertino-based tech company first issued the…

whatsapp delete message feature

How To Delete Accidental Messages From WhatsApp Conversations

WhatsApp Inc. have recently update their iOS app to allow users to wipe out messages that are sent by mistake. But the Delete feature was already available you might contradict me. Well. that’s only half-true. Photos, video, audio and text messages sent in a group or one-to-one conversation could be erased in the past too,…

ios 11.2 public beta 2 software update

iOS 11.2 Public Beta 2 Brings Apple Pay Cash To iPhone And Apple Watch

Apple has just seeded the 2nd Public beta for iOS 11.2 which includes the much awaited Apple Pay Cash feature that allows users to send peer-to-peer payments to iMessage contacts. The feature was first announced in May during WWDC 2017. but wasn’t included in the initial iOS release. It also skipped the first major iOS…