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airpods 5b58 firmware update

AirPods 5B58 Firmware Update For AirPods Pro 2, Max & More

Apple has released AirPods 5B58 firmware update for the AirPods Pro 2 with the classic ‘bug fixes and other improvements’ release notes. New features, issues fixed as well as new problems have to be uncovered through updating and testing….

AirPods Pro 2 Sale

AirPods Pro 2 Sale: Amazon Pre-Black Friday Deal $234 (-$15)

The first AirPods Pro 2 sale on Amazon is ongoing! Grab this early Black Friday Deal and purchase the new AirPods Pro for $234. That’s a $15 discount from the retail price. Save %6 and grab Apple’s latest wireless earbuds while they’re still in stock!…

airpods pro muffled mic

AirPods Pro Muffled Mic, Poor Audio Output In iOS 16? (Fix?)

AirPods Pro sound muffled during calls after iOS 16 update? The mic isn’t picking up your voice properly anymore? The person at the other end of the line is having a hard time hearing you? Here is what you can do to fix it!…

airpods pro 2 battery replacement notification

AirPods Pro 2 Battery Replacement Notification Error (Fix?)

Are you getting AirPods Pro 2 battery replacement notifications on iPhone, iPad or Mac, from the Find My app? Does it show up as a CRITICAL alert that’s entitled ‘Item Battery is Low’ and asks you to ‘Replace the battery on left soon’? Getting the same for the right AirPod and the case too?…

Mismatched AirPods Pro notification

Mismatched AirPods Pro Notification Pops Up Erroneously?

Are you getting a strange Mismatched AirPods Pro notification popping up for your brand new AirPods Pro 2? Card informs that the AirPods in the charging case are different generations and they do not work together?…