Apple Glass Latest Leaks And Rumors

Apple Glass render showing in-lens display

Apple Glass render showing in-lens display.

After leaking almost everything that could be shared about the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup, Youtube vloger, Jon Prosser, has tackled the upcoming Apple smart-glasses in his latest show. Apple Glass is allegedly the branding name chosen by the Cupertino-based tech giant for the revolutionary glasses. The gadget will start retailing for $499 and will be able to accommodate prescription lenses, for an extra fee of course.

Prosser also claims that early prototypes include a LiDAR sensor, the same sensor that it’s rumored to be including in the iPhone 12 Pro triple-lens main camera module. Apple Glass should also be compatible with wireless charging and will require a partner iPhone, same as the Apple Watch. Most likely, iOS will feature a companion Glass app that will help users to setup the smartglasses and use them at maximum potential.

Apple Glass Rumors And Expectations
Here are the most interesting leaks about the upcoming smart-glasses:

  • Branding name: Apple Glass
  • Announcement date: Fall 2020 (presented as “One More Thing”)
    Fact: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could delay the unveiling for spring 2021.
  • Retail price: from $499 (prescription lenses imply an extra fee)
  • Release date: Fall of 2021 (could be pushed to spring 2022 because of COVID-19)
  • Built-in display: the lenses will pack built-in displays. Users will use gestures to interact with them.
  • Paired iPhone: companion Glass app and paired iPhone required to function.
  • LiDAR sensor: for optimal environment mapping.
  • Wireless charging to provide a streamlined user experience.
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