What Are AirTags And How To Use Them?

Apple accidentally leaks the upcoming AirTags in Find My iPhone screen

Apple accidentally leaks the upcoming AirTags in Find My iPhone screen.

Apple has accidentally leaked its upcoming AirTags (name confirmation now also available)! So, this looks like a good moment to cover the subject. Let’s do a roundup about what we already know about these new Bluetooth tracking devices and what we could expect. First of all, let me mention the source. The Cupertino-based tech giant has just uploaded a how-to video that provides a step-by-step tutorial about “How to erase an iPhone”.

Within the lecture, the “Find My iPhone” menu is displayed in the Settings app. The description of the “Enable Offline Finding” section mentions the upcoming Bluetooth trackers.

“Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.”

Update: In the meantime the video has been removed, showing that the leak was accidental! Nevertheless, we managed to capture it. Check out the nearby images and see how the leak originally looked like!

What Are AirTags?
Apple’s new and improved version of the Tile Bluetooth tracking tags. Tiles are small tracking units that support Bluetooth connectivity and can be attached to various items. An AirTag is attached to an object and will be able to show you, directly on your iPhone, where the subject in question lies.

potential airtag render How do AirTags look like?
There is no official photo of an AirTag at the time of writing. However, some images found in the internal build of iOS 13, picture them as small round white units. They should come with an Apple log centered on the front. They could be attached to items that you aim to track via adhesive, or a keychain like system.

How will AirTags work?
These small devices come with a built-in chip that allows them to connect to an iPhone and provide details about their location, thus the whereabouts of the items attached to them. Owners can use an iPhone, iPad or Mac and the “Find My” app to check the location of AirTags, in a similar way you can find a missing Apple device.

How accurate will the AirTags be?
Apple’s new tracking devices could be more accurate than Tile’s ones. That’s because they are rumored to be able to use ultra-wideband technology, which provides more accurate indoor positioning. This goes hand-in-hand with Apple’s newest iPhones that have an U1 ultra-wideband chip included. In this case tracking will not be made via Bluetooth alone and thus come with increased accuracy.

What AirTags features to expect?
There is not much info available about additional features. Some that we anticipate are:
– rechargeable battery (Apple Watch-like)
– AirTags could also be waterproof.

tile trackers How much will AirTags cost?
The main competitor Tile, currently sells its tags between the $25 – $35 range. Apple is know for its premium products at premium prices. So, we could expect the AirTags to cost anywhere between $35 – $50, that’s just a prediction though.

When will the AirTags be available for purchase?
Considering the latest developments, it’s hard to believe that they will be rolled out before the iPhone 12. Apple plans to release the new iPhone SE (iPhone 9) in April, but it’s hard to believe that the AirTags will come along. The COVID-19 pandemic is currently endangering the iPhone 12, fall release date. We assume that everything depends on how the new coronavirus outbreak develops in the upcoming months. Fingers crossed!