Apple Store App Available on the App Store

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Apple Store app available on the App Store!

Not everyone knows that the online Apple Store can be also accessed via its own application available on the App Store. This way you have a great alternative for the usual Safari browsing of
The Apple Store app can prove itself handy especially during new product releases. The Cupertino-based company is aiming to make offline retail store queuing for its products, a thing of the past. This is why it currently focuses on online purchases and reservations.
Today’s Apple Watch pre-order debut is a perfect example for this new policy and the utility of the Apple Store app. If fans will switch from waiting in front of retail stores and choose to efficiently shop on, the online portal might overload. However, the app is much more stable and requires smaller sized data exchange packages. So, while your friends might get stuck on, you have a good chance of rapidly grabbing the Watch via the app!

apple store app download Download Apple Store App
Grab the Apple Store app now and easily navigate to discover all Apple products and accessories. You’ll get precious information about the Apple Watch and other hot sale items.
Do mind, that this application isn’t available in all countries. If the above download link doesn’t work for you, it means that Apple Store app wasn’t launched yet, in the iTunes market you are registered on.

Apple Store App Tips and Tricks
apple store app stores menu – Easily pay for your purchase using Apple Pay. A single fingerprint touch does the job;
– Apple Watch comparison available. Choose your favorite Watch and pre-order it right away!
– Handoff is available and allows you to start the order on one Apple device and end on another;
– Conveniently upgrade your iPhone by checking the price difference needed and accepting the swap (US only);
– Numerous accessory reviews are there to be read. Inform yourself and make the best choices;
– Easily determine the nearest Apple Retail Store in your proximity;
– Genius Bar and workshop reservations can be easily set up using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.